Class Yoga - we teach and train top-class kids yoga and wellbeing

Welcome to Class Yoga! We’re experts at...

training top-class children’s yoga teachers – with authenticity, not stories – helping you make maximum impact with a purposeful, profitable business

enabling schools worldwide to provide excellent children’s yoga and mindfulness – to raise attainment and success through a culture of wellbeing

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Welcome to Class Yoga

Where we teach and train top-class kids yoga & wellbeing

Founded by Senior Yoga Teacher and Primary School Teacher, Helen Clare, Class Yoga exists to improve young lives – and simultaneously, our own!

Through our celebrated video vault of classes for schools, Well Ed; and our world-renowned online Teacher Training course; as well as 100s of free videos and podcast episodes, our goal is to inspire, guide and support you in providing the right type of yoga for your children and students, at the right time.

We know that every child (and adult!) benefits physically and mentally from mindful movement, like yoga, when taught in the best approach for their needs. That’s why the Class Yoga method is based on science, expert experience, evidence and research - not stories and cartoons.

So whether you’re following our video classes, or our training course methods, we aim to give you the confidence to share safe, beneficial yoga for children – raising their wellbeing, and consequently yours.

Helen Clare

Helen Clare - Class Yoga Founder

Helen Clare - Class Yoga founder

Some of our Well Ed® Schools

  • Wallscourt Farm Academy
  • Beacon Ace Academy
  • Hyde Park Junior School
  • Blackwater Primary School
  • Merdon Junior School
  • Gorran Primary School
  • St George's RC School
  • Horningsham Primary School
  • Godolphin Primary School
  • Garras Primary School
  • Lanner Primary School
  • Sithney Primary School

What our graduates are saying...

  • Steph N

    Yoga Teacher

    This course is magic. I signed up not really knowing what to expect or if I would actually feel confident enough to teach children by the end. To the testament of Helen and the way she's designed this course, I absolutely do feel confident enough to share yoga with children and be myself whilst doing it. The method and tools you learn in this course are remarkable. No stone is left unturned. It is thorough and delivered with real clarity and sensitivity. I am a different person and teacher now having completed this course. I can't wait to share what I've learned here with my community.

  • Sunny-Jade Boddy

    Teaching Assistant

    I have loved every second. All of the course content was so informative and useful. I also love how it’s all raw teaching – no fluff, or stories, or things like that – and such a focus on good mental health.

  • Emily Keen

    Yoga Teacher

    I enjoyed this course so much and I feel I’ve learnt so much in how to effectively teach yoga to children. Helen has so much knowledge and experience, and is really good at sharing it – and she’s also really encouraging and kind. I feel really excited now about being able to go out and teach yoga classes for children! I’m so grateful that this course was there for me.

  • Antonia L

    Yoga Practitioner & Parent

    Absolutely amazing course, really informative and introduces you to a unique method which is basically a fail-proof way of teaching yoga to kids! The course material has been put together extremely well, Helen's enthusiasm and knowledge shines through the whole course. I now feel more confident and well equipped to start teaching!