Whole School Wellbeing for Children & Teachers

We guide school teachers and educators to provide the most beneficial mindful movement for children to raise their wellbeing, whole-school wellbeing, and your own!
Reduce stress & anxiety
Raise attainment
Make learning (and teaching) easier!

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Some of our Well Ed® Schools

  • Wallscourt Farm Academy
  • Beacon Ace Academy
  • Hyde Park Junior School
  • Blackwater Primary School
  • Merdon Junior School
  • Gorran Primary School
  • St George's RC School
  • Horningsham Primary School
  • Godolphin Primary School
  • Garras Primary School
  • Lanner Primary School
  • Sithney Primary School

    Welcome to Class Yoga

    Through our celebrated video platform Well Ed, our Teacher Training courses, plus free videos and podcast, we inspire, guide and support you in providing the right type of yoga and mindfulness for your children, at the right time - raising their wellbeing, and yours.

    We believe that every child (and adult) can benefit from mindful movement, like yoga, when taught in the best approach for their needs. That’s why the Class Yoga method is based on expert experience, evidence and research - not stories and cartoons.

    Helen Clare

    Helen Clare - Class Yoga Founder

    Helen Clare - Class Yoga founder

    A whole school wellbeing plan - that works!

    We guide you in raising teacher and pupil mental and physical health - to create a happier, calmer school culture - and the ease to learn, teach & excel!

    When you have a wellbeing plan that combines mental and physical health, that is clear and simple for teachers to implement, and is easy to integrate as part of the school day...

    a whole-school wellbeing culture is created, teachers are happy and healthier and pupils are calmer, more confident and motivated to learn and achieve.

    Happy pupils in a school yoga class
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