Yoga and mindfulness for the classroom

Make teaching & learning easier

Raise pupil wellbeing - and your own, with wellbeing resources that work.

7 days free, then £7/ month

Well Ed Wellbeing Programme for Teachers - from Class Yoga

The video platform for teachers that takes the guesswork out of wellbeing for the classroom & makes teaching and learning easier!

Reduce stress & anxiety
Raise attainment
Make teaching easier

Raising pupil wellbeing doesn’t need to be a challenge or create even more overwhelm!

But without a proven plan...

  • Your stress will rise
  • Your pupils’ anxiety will continue
  • Your job becomes harder than it already is
  • Your pupils will remain distracted and unfocused
  • No one reaches their potential
  • Your health suffers, as do the kids’!

As teachers, we feel we need to be the expert in everything. You don’t have to be.

Join Well Ed and get everything you need to confidently and competently provide the wellbeing tools that you, and your pupils, need to flourish.

7 days free, then £7/ month

Pupils enjoying yoga at school
Pupils enjoying a guided mindfulness breathing session in the classroom

Your Well Ed membership provides you with expert led video resources, to use in the classroom or hall - that take the guesswork out of wellbeing, and that actually make a difference. For only £7 a month.

On demand children's yoga and mindfulness videos for the classroom

On demand videos

On-demand yoga and mindfulness videos for children aged 4 - 11 - a growing library of mindful movement and relaxation classes for pupils - making it easy to find the class you need, in the moment

Wellbeing yoga and mindfulness videos for teachers

Wellbeing for You

Weekly wellbeing classes for you - we understand that teacher wellbeing needs to be addressed just as much as the pupils. So we do.

Monthly resources to raise wellbeing in the classroom

Monthly Resources

Monthly bonus resources and teaching guide - delivered straight to your inbox each month. Know what to offer and how to calm, energise, focus or boost.

7 days free, then £7/ month

The Well Ed library of resources are categorised by age group, energy level and emotion. Plus wellbeing classes especially for you! You get access to them all for just £7 a month.

  • Provide wellbeing in the classroom without the overwhelm
  • Help kids feel better and learn more
  • Help yourself feel calm, confident and competent when it comes to wellbeing
  • Have a classroom ready to learn - so you can do what you do best!

For your pupils - Ages 4-11

Children's yoga for the classroom to increase focus


Help pupils regain focus for learning using mindful movement and breathing!

Children's yoga for the classroom to energise


Overcome classroom slumps to increase attention and effort!

Children's yoga for the classroom to relax


Help your pupils relax & de-stress - the optimal state to learn!

With more ages and classes being added regularly!

For You the Teacher!

Mindfulness classes for teachers


Tap into the power of the present with these guided mindfulness classes to boost your wellbeing

Breathing exercises for teachers


Learning breathing techniques to immediately reduce stress & anxiety

Yoga classes designed for school teachers


Yoga is mindful movement. Gain both mental & physical resilience through classes designed for all levels to fit into your day

New and varied teacher classes added regularly!

How it works

1 Start a 7 day free trial & share our Get Started Series with your children

Pupils practising a relaxing yoga session in the classroom

2 See their focus and calm increase, and their anxiety and disruption go down

Pupils enjoying a yoga session at school

3 Your wellbeing improves and your teaching life gets easier!

A teacher and pupil in the classroom

7 days free, then £7/ month

Nicki Guest

I have loved doing the yoga and so have the teachers and lots of the children have been talking about it. As well as incredibly positive feedback from the parents! Thank you and well done on such a unique idea which works. PE Coordinator Gorran School, Cornwall, UK

Ellie Watkins

The yoga is going incredibly well so far with all of the schools. From my experience with my class and from feedback with the other teachers it has really transformed some children's experience in the classroom. I have found children that struggle emotionally, or with additional needs like ASD or ADHD, have been able to fully engage with the yoga sessions, and then are ready for learning. Their speed, accuracy and commitment to their learning has really improved. So thank you!! Lead Teacher, Blackwater School, Cornwall, UK

Are you a school leader?

Want to roll Well Ed out throughout your whole school?

Well Ed is available as a whole school programme. To learn more and apply for a custom school quote please visit our Well Ed® School page.

Well Ed makes incorporating wellbeing into your teaching day easier, through expert led yoga and mindfulness. Because you know and we know, that wellbeing should be prioritised and made accessible to all in education.

A smiling pupil in a yoga session

How does yoga and mindfulness make teaching and learning easier?

Yoga = mindful movement + breathwork + relaxation = tools to...

  • boost self-esteem and confidence
  • increase focus and concentration
  • develop executive functioning
  • feel happy, calm and attentive
  • improve cognitive skills
  • self-regulate behaviour
  • raise calmness
  • reduce anxiety
  • achieve more!

Leaving you, wonderful teacher, also…

Smiling school teacher
  • calmer
  • less stressed
  • more motivated
  • enjoying the job more!

...and avoiding ongoing stress and overwhelm; anxious, unfocused children who can’t learn to their potential; a job that you don’t enjoy.

7 days free, then £7/ month

Ellie Watkins

Well Ed has also meant that we are able to address emotional and mental health and wellbeing, in a way that engages the children and that they can understand. It lends itself beautifully to developing resilience and lifelong habits that I am sure will encourage a love of self, realistic expectations of oneself and practical skills to manage in the wider world. Lead Teacher, Blackwater School, Cornwall, UK

Jon Miller

The children are loving the yoga, with some buying their own yoga mats and practising at home with their families! It has particularly engaged some of our less active children and provided a calm and relaxing end to our school week. PE Lead Walscourt Farm Academy, Bristol, UK

Helen Clare, Class Yoga founder and children's yoga teacher

Meet Your Guide..

Helen Clare started life as a classroom teacher, already trained in yoga - and yet the job still became overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. Helen could see the clear benefit that yoga, when taught right, had on her pupils, so she shared it when she could - but was made to feel that she should prioritise the job over her own wellbeing.

It wasn’t until Helen made time for herself again, for the benefit of her own health and wellbeing, that teaching started to feel easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding. And over several years she developed a method of teaching yoga with mindfulness to children that has since been shared with 1000s of children and 100s and educators worldwide.

When you join Well Ed, you’ll be empowered with the same yoga and wellbeing tools to not only help your kids thrive at school - but to thrive yourself.

Your Well Ed subscriptions includes:

Full access to over 100 children's wellbeing videos, for ages 4 to 7 and 8 to 11 to:

  • Focus
  • Energise
  • and Calm

With more classes being added all the time and Early Years on the way!

3 courses and new weekly classes for you:

  • Breathing for a healthy throat
  • Mindfulness for your mental health
  • and movement classes you can fit into your week

Monthly digital wellbeing teaching guide and bonus resources emailed straight to you!

Well Ed - Wellbeing for the classroom
Children following a Well Ed yoga class in school

7 days free, then £7/ month
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Well Ed® Schools

  • Wallscourt Farm Academy
  • Beacon Ace Academy
  • Hyde Park Junior School
  • Blackwater Primary School
  • Merdon Junior School
  • Gorran Primary School
  • St George's RC School
  • Horningsham Primary School
  • Godolphin Primary School
  • Garras Primary School
  • Lanner Primary School
  • Sithney Primary School

    7 days free, then £7/ month
    Cancel Anytime

    Are you a school leader?

    Want to role Well Ed out across your whole school?

    Well Ed is available as a whole school programme. To learn more and apply for a custom school quote please visit our Well Ed® School page.