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Well Ed - The Wellbeing Programme for Schools from Class Yoga

The only video platform for schools which raises both pupil & teacher wellbeing for a whole school transformation!

Reduce stress & anxiety
Raise attainment
Make learning (and teaching) easier!

To implement successful wellbeing, it needs to be integrated into whole-school culture.

Many schools fail to see progress in the wellbeing of pupils and staff, and therefore attainment because...

  • They don’t have a proven plan
  • Only one or 2 teachers are on board
  • It’s not consistently shared throughout the whole school
  • Teachers don’t understand what they’re meant to be doing
  • Wellbeing happens in stand alone lessons, rather than integrated
  • Or the focus is only on mental health and not physical combined

When you have a wellbeing plan that combines mental and physical health, that is clear and simple for teachers to implement, and is easy to integrate as part of the school day...

...a whole-school wellbeing culture is created, teachers are happy and healthier and pupils are calmer, more confident and motivated to learn and achieve.

Become a Well Ed School

Well Ed is from £1.70/ pupil/ year

Pupils enjoying a guided mindfulness session in school
Pupils following a yoga class at school

Your Well Ed School subscription gives you everything you need to provide a wellbeing curriculum that addresses mental and physical health, to raise happiness and attainment - that is simple to implement and integrate throughout the whole-school.

On demand children's yoga and mindfulness videos for the classroom

On demand videos

On-demand yoga and mindfulness videos for children aged 4 - 11 - a growing library of mindful movement and relaxation classes for pupils - making it easy for teachers to find the class they need, in the moment.

Wellbeing yoga and mindfulness videos for teachers

For Teachers

Weekly wellbeing classes for teachers - we understand that teacher wellbeing needs to be addressed just as much as the pupils. So we do

Monthly resources to raise wellbeing in the classroom

Monthly Resources

Monthly bonus resources and teaching guide - delivered straight to staff inboxes each month. Know what to offer and how to calm, energise, focus or boost.

Add-on CPD option!

At Class Yoga, we provide expert led yoga and mindfulness for children and teachers, so that you don’t need to. Teachers are already doing an incredible job delivering the curriculum, without adding more to be an expert in.

But we also understand that some teachers are enthusiastic to learn new wellbeing skills, how inspiring this is for our children - and how Ofsted love in-house upskilling.

So we offer an online CPD training in Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children at School designed and delivered by Class Yoga Founder, Helen Clare.

CPD places can be added into your Well Ed School quote, or purchased later!

A classroom teacher, smiling
Teach Yoga and Mindfulness in School CPD badge

The Well Ed library of resources are categorised by age group, energy level and emotion. Plus wellbeing classes especially for teachers!

  • Allow teachers to integrate more wellbeing in the classroom without the overwhelm
  • Help your children feel better and learn more
  • Help your staff feel calm, confident and competent when it comes to wellbeing
  • Create a whole-school wellbeing culture - raising happiness and attainment

For your pupils - Ages 4-11

Children's yoga for the classroom to increase focus


Help pupils regain focus for learning using mindful movement and breathing!

Children's yoga for the classroom to energise


Overcome classroom slumps to increase attention and effort!

Children's yoga for the classroom to relax


Help your pupils relax & de-stress - the optimal state to learn!

With more ages and classes being added regularly!

For Teachers

Mindfulness classes for teachers


Tap into the power of the present with these guided mindfulness classes to boost your wellbeing

Breathing exercises for teachers


Learning breathing techniques to immediately reduce stress & anxiety

Yoga classes designed for school teachers


Yoga is mindful movement. Gain both mental & physical resilience through classes designed for all levels to fit into your day

New and varied teacher classes added regularly!

Described as a pioneering programme by University of Cambridge, Education Faculty Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Esther Hunt

How to get started?

1 Apply for a quote for your school

Pupils enjoying a yoga class

2 Accept your school quote with a click of a button

Pupils being guided through a breathing exercise in the classroom

3 All teaching staff get individual logins to use the video resources with their pupils and for themselves!

A screen shot of the Well Ed video platform
Arran Langdon, School Teacher, UK
Arran Langdon

After an amazing experience on the Class Yoga Training, I started teaching yoga to my class at least twice a week, alongside using the Class Yoga videos. I’ve also been teaching other classes in school and got the rest of staff on board with doing your daily yoga videos.

It’s had a transformative effect on the school as a whole and has clearly boosted the confidence, concentration and self-esteem of many individuals. Our school, Camelford have now won the Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing Time 2 Move Ambition 2018, and are shortlisted for CAPH Time 2 Move Primary School of the Year Award, and the introduction of yoga across the school absolutely contributed to that.

Well Ed makes incorporating wellbeing into your school day easier, through expert led yoga and mindfulness. Because you know and we know, that wellbeing should be prioritised and made accessible to all in education.

What are the expected results?

When implementing Well Ed throughout your school you will see:

  • pupil focus and calm increase
  • anxiety and disruption go down
  • health and happiness rise
  • staff stress and sickness levels fall
  • attainment and results go up!
Blackwater Community Primary School badge
Ellie Watkins

Well Ed has also meant that we are able to address emotional and mental health and wellbeing, in a way that engages the children and that they can understand. It lends itself beautifully to developing resilience and lifelong habits that I am sure will encourage a love of self, realistic expectations of oneself and practical skills to manage in the wider world. Lead Teacher, Blackwater School, Cornwall, UK

Wallscourt Farm Academy school badge
Jon Miller

The children are loving the yoga, with some buying their own yoga mats and practising at home with their families! It has particularly engaged some of our less active children and provided a calm and relaxing end to our school week. PE Lead Walscourt Farm Academy, Bristol, UK

Choose your plan 1, 2 or 3?

1 Year Well Ed Plan

1 year = £2/ pupil/ year

2 Year Well Ed Plan

2 years = £1.85/ pupil/ year

3 Year Well Ed Plan

3 years = £1.70/ pupil/ year

A representative school of 400 * pupils will cost…

  • £800 for one year
  • £1480 when signing up for 2 years (saving £120)
  • £2040 when signing up for 3 years (saving £360)
* Well Ed currently covers ages 4 to 11 years. Only count your pupils in this age group to work out your investment

How does yoga and mindfulness make teaching and learning easier?

Yoga = mindful movement + breathwork + relaxation = tools

At Class Yoga, we teach a method that has proven results in schools with 1000s of children and 100s of their educators, to...

  • boost self-esteem and confidence
  • increase focus and concentration
  • develop executive functioning
  • feel happy, calm and attentive
  • improve cognitive skills
  • self-regulate behaviour
  • raise calmness
  • reduce anxiety
  • achieve more!
Yoga in the classroom
A teacher and pupil celebrating achievement

The Class Yoga method works best in school because →

  1. It does not include stories, characters and cartoons - which actually distract/ excite/ stimulate children further. Class Yoga harnesses the benefits of authentic yoga, with a modern, engaging approach that instils mindfulness, balances children’s energy and emotions and results in calm alertness - ideal for learning.
  2. It's been developed by a school teacher and yoga teacher in schools with real children; refined and improved over 10 years.
  3. It’s based on scientific evidence. Our approach to mindfulness is based on neuro-science and academic research into mindful movement. Our method has been refined with the help of qualitative data - see what some our children had to say about their experiences ↓
King of the World
Yoga makes me feel...
A hard day
Camelford Head Teacher
A bit of quiet

Download the Well Ed School Get Started Guide!

This guide clearly explains what Well Ed is, what it includes and, most importantly, how it will benefit your school! Includes clear explanations and evidence - ideal for sharing with colleagues.

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Helen Clare, Class Yoga founder and children's yoga teacher

Meet Your Guide..

Helen Clare started life as a classroom teacher, already trained in yoga - and yet the job still became overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. Helen could see the clear benefit that yoga, when taught right, had on her pupils, so she shared it when she could - but was made to feel that she should prioritise the job over her own wellbeing.

But like you, we know that to improve the wellbeing of our pupils, we must address the wellbeing of our teachers.

It wasn’t until Helen made time for herself again, for the benefit of her own health and wellbeing, that teaching started to feel easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding. Over several years she developed a method of teaching yoga with mindfulness to children that has since been shared with 1000s of children and 100s and educators worldwide.

When you become a Well Ed School, you’ll be empowering your teaching staff with the tools to improve their own health and performance, as well as the happiness and achievement of your children.

Your Well Ed subscriptions includes:

Full access to over 100 videos, for ages 4 to 7 and 8 to 11, to relax, focus, energise and calm (with Early Years classes on the way) and more being added all the time.

3 courses and weekly classes for teachers too!

  • Save your Voice, and your Sanity - breathing technique videos, for a healthy throat, voice and mind
  • Calm your Mind, mindfulness course - for your mental health, and consequently the kids
  • Move your Body, a yoga series of classes that you can actually fit into your week - designed to improve posture and good breathing, and the ability to feel calm and relaxed.

Monthly digital yoga and mindfulness resource and teaching guides, emailed straight to you at the start of each month.

Well Ed - Wellbeing for the classroom
Pupils following a yoga class in a school hall
Children enjoying a yoga class
School teacher, happy and smiling

Well Ed® Schools

  • Wallscourt Farm Academy
  • Beacon Ace Academy
  • Hyde Park Junior School
  • Blackwater Primary School
  • Merdon Junior School
  • Gorran Primary School
  • St George's RC School
  • Horningsham Primary School
  • Godolphin Primary School
  • Garras Primary School
  • Lanner Primary School
  • Sithney Primary School

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