Teachers: Gain expert knowledge & confidence to
Teach Tools for Wellbeing

Teach Yoga & Mindfulness at School: Educator CPD

A 10hr self paced CPD course in yoga & mindfulness for the classroom specifically designed for teachers

+ start your mindful teacher journey

Feel expertly confident
Expand your career
Elevate your classroom

Upskill to deliver essential wellbeing tools to pupils,

Without the right practical skills to deliver age-appropriate yoga and mindfulness, you risk:

  • Teaching inappropriate poses and techniques (that could be physically harmful)
  • Sharing inappropriate meditation/ relaxation (that could be psychologically harmful)
  • Remaining uncertain around teaching wellbeing tools and techniques (so hinder raising pupil wellbeing)
  • Not adding all-important wellbeing CPD training to your CV!

All you need is a step-by-step approach to teach the right type of mindful movement, that is age appropriate and beneficial; to upskill in your own time, empower you in the classroom, boost your credentials and raise school wellbeing.

Pupils enjoying yoga session in the classroom

The Teach Yoga & Mindfulness at School: Educator CPD includes

An 8 module self-paced online course - guiding you through, step-by-step, the theory and practical to teaching safe, effective and engaging mindful movement yoga to children aged 4 -11.

Certification upon completion of the course - this course meets the official CPD standards as defined by the DfE.

Ongoing Support - receive a monthly newsletter with helpful mindfulness & wellbeing tips and resources as well as upcoming additional training opportunities.

Weeks 1 & 2

Module 1: Purpose behind the Practice

What, why and how?! The benefits of yoga and mindfulness - understanding the theory behind the practice.

Module 2: The Class Yoga SEFR Method®

How to confidently teach engaging, beneficial yoga to any group of children, whatever their needs are in that moment.

Module 3: Child physical development

An overview to child physical development & how it influences what we teach and why.

Module 4: Energise

Key poses, mindfulness, breathing techniques and sequences to energise your classroom, and when & why we teach this phase.

Weeks 3 & 4

Module 5: Mindfulness and brain development

How yoga with mindfulness improves executive brain function!

Module 6: Focus

Key poses, mindfulness, breathing techniques and sequences for bringing focus to the classroom.

Module 7: Behaviour in the yoga class

Common behaviours that appear in a yoga lesson, why, and how best to deal with them.

Module 8: Relax

The reason for relaxation and how to lead it, using attention on the body, imagery and visualisation.

Self-paced online course
Meets DfE CPD standards
Receive on-going support

How it works!

1 Get access - enrol now for £120 for 3 months access to the online course content

Screen shot of the Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children at School CPD course

2 Move through the course in your own time (suggested 4 weeks but you have up to 3 months)

Self paced online learning

3 Implement by teaching your children progressively as you go through the course! By the end, you’ll be confident to lead mindful movement classroom breaks, and full yoga classes.

Children's yoga teacher and pupil
Amanda, Primary School Teacher
Amanda Simons - Primary School Teacher

After finishing the Class Yoga training course, I was keen to get started in school straight away, so letters went home to explain the benefits! It was a hit from the start, and being a boy heavy Year 5 group, it was great to see their involvement in everything we did. We had a session a week, which really helped develop my confidence and practise keeping the flow of the lessons going. My super parallel class teacher was fully on board and I taught her class a couple of sessions too. Some children began asking when the next session was! It was also nice to see girls, who were slightly reluctant to join in team sports lessons, really enjoying it and taking part.Thank you to Helen and Class Yoga for starting me on this new journey.

Jennie, SEN teacher, Cheltenham
Jennie Laird - SEN Teacher

Despite having taught a range of Primary aged children for many years, I have never had the confidence to bring my yoga practice into the classroom. Helen’s clear teaching and the great course content, with effective use of practical experience, has given me the knowledge and confidence needed. I will be teaching my first children’s yoga class tomorrow!

Arran Langdon, School Teacher, UK
Arran Langdon - Primary School Teacher

After an amazing experience on the Class Yoga Training, I started teaching yoga to my class at least twice a week, alongside using the Class Yoga videos. I’ve also been teaching other classes in school and got the rest of staff on board with doing your daily yoga videos. It’s had a transformative effect on the school as a whole and has clearly boosted the confidence, concentration and self-esteem of many individuals. Our school, Camelford have now won the Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing Time 2 Move Ambition 2018, and are shortlisted for CAPH Time 2 Move Primary School of the Year Award, and the introduction of yoga across the school absolutely contributed to that.

Bring Yoga & Mindfulness to your Classroom

Add yoga & mindfulness to your teacher toolkit.

This course is for any teacher or home educator of children aged 4 - 11. No prior experience of yoga is required - only the desire to learn and share new wellbeing tools and techniques that will benefit everyone!

We know that as a teacher, you can feel expected to deliver everything, at an expert level - including integrating wellbeing into your lessons.

We created this course just for you: to make it as simple as possible to lead expert level mindful movement to pupils, to increase pupil happiness and wellbeing.

A happy smiling teacher

Not only that, we know how much easier teaching becomes when the kids are calm, content and concentrating! Happy kids are in a better place to focus and learn - making your job much less stressful!

Add this evidence based course to your CV for that desirable advantage.

Pupils practising yoga in the classroom

What is yoga & why should I be practising and teaching it?

Yoga is mindful movement that, when taught and practised correctly, has many, many benefits on psychological and physical health - for adults and children.

It involves:

  • Strength, coordination, confidence and concentration enhancing movements and poses
  • Posture improving, mind calming, focusing and anxiety reducing breathing exercises
  • Body and mind relaxation

And that is just the start!

Through movement and breath work it's much, much easier for children (and adults!) to practise being 'mindful', and benefit from feeling calm, present and non-reactive more of the time.

But as well as feeling calm and content, mindfulness develops executive brain function, empathy, resilience and social skills.


...with the only yoga with mindfulness for children course designed specifically for educators. Enabling teachers to confidently and safely provide effective, inclusive yoga and mindfulness, themselves, at school.

Accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals and meets the CPD standards defined by the DfE.

Teach Yoga and Mindfulness in School CPD - from Class Yoga

meets DfE CPD Standards

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Certified Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified Yoga Trainer