Reviews of the Children's Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

Sammi Morgan, Primary School Teacher

Sammi Morgan

Primary School Teacher

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course – it’s given me a great core understanding of teaching yoga to children. I feel confident and inspired by this week’s course and I’m excited to start teaching!

Sally Russell

Yoga Teacher

Helen teaches from extensive experience and with genuine enthusiasm. The course focuses on both practice and theory and I found it really inspiring. I can't recommend this course highly enough.

Anne-Marie Alderton

Yoga Teacher

Class yoga was a wonderful course to learn how to teach yoga to children. We learnt how to teach yoga to children in a fun yet mindful way that encourages self reflection, self awareness and confidence rather than relying on further outside stimulus of stories. The content of the course was interesting and we were able to put the theory into practice from the first practical session which really helped us to feel confident throughout. I really recommend his course for anyone interested in bringing mindfulness to a child’s busy life.

Steph Northcote

Yoga Teacher

This course is magic. I signed up not really knowing what to expect or if I would actually feel confident enough to teach children by the end. To the testament of Helen and the way she's designed this course, I absolutely do feel confident enough to share yoga with children and be myself whilst doing it. The method and tools you learn in this course are remarkable. No stone is left unturned. It is thorough and delivered with real clarity and sensitivity. I am a different person and teacher now having completed this course. I can't wait to share what I've learned here with my community.

Asimina F. Pappas

Yoga Teacher

A brilliant course for school teachers, Yoga teachers, or parents. Well-constructed, providing you with the necessary tools you will need. We started planning and teaching small sections from week 1, which allowed us to work on adjusting the language and poses according to the age groups we had in mind. By completing this course, I knew I was ready to teach kids! Thank you Helen!

Melinda Szepesi

Yoga Teacher

Hilly Hannken

Yoga Teacher

Julie Herron

Yoga Teacher

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed this course, I looked forward to the weekend even more so:) because of it. The content was easy to follow and the live zoom training was fun, getting straight in to teaching the content, everyone involved was very knowledgeable and helpful when any questions were asked. It was a delight getting to know the other trainees and Helen and all who were Involved in making it a very memorable time. Thank you:) x

Gill Simpson

Yoga Teacher

A thorough and engaging course that fully prepares you for the joy of sharing yoga with children. Helen is extremely knowledgeable and her calm and real age appropriate yoga sessions are inspirational. She has renewed my enthusiasm for teaching yoga to children, whilst providing me with the tools to do it professionally. Thank you x

Ali McClemont, School Support Officer and Yoga Teacher

Ali McClemont

Yoga Teacher & School Support Officer

I cannot thank you enough for teaching and highlighting how to declutter and simplify a yoga class without making it childish or patronising. The SEFR is amazing and a great tool for planning. I cannot underestimate how useful the SEFR framework is when planning and delivering the class. Thank you!

Kalpna 'Kaz' Chauhan, yoga teacher and health and safety officer

Kalpna (Kaz) Chauhan

Yoga Teacher & Health and Safety Officer

Class Yoga has been a tremendous course to attend - an absolute must for anyone who is eligible to teach. I have been amazed by how much I learnt (in 5 days) - from class planning, sequencing for children to anatomy - loved it! These skills taught practically will be valuable to my teaching children Mindfulness & Yoga. I am super excited to teach my first proper class in January 2020. Warm wishes.

Abi Wood, school teacher and children's yoga teacher

Abi Wood

Yoga Teacher & School Teacher

The Class Yoga training was packed with information and techniques, which gave me loads of confidence and clear guidance on how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. I set up Yogart Sessions last year, providing yoga and art workshops that offer an experience to practise yoga and meditation through the arts. Since completing the course, Yogart Sessions has been working in various schools around Cornwall, teaching children techniques that help them relax, focus and build confidence in preparation for exams. I also run yoga after school clubs and PE sessions for children from reception to Year 6. It has been incredible to see the impact these sessions have on children’s ability to follow instruction, calm themselves down and get in touch with and express how they feel! It has been a truly humbling experience.

Sally Padget, social worker and yoga teacher

Sally Padget

Social Worker & Yoga Teacher

Many thanks for an amazing few days - I have learnt loads and gained creative ideas and confidence in putting a yoga class together for varying ages of children. I recently finished my 200 hours teaching qualification but have been hesitant in taking the plunge to teach a class. This has given me the confidence to take the next step! The practical aspects - getting straight in there to teach was really valuable and I could see at the end of (the 5 days) how we had all grown in confidence. It was a supportive and encouraging environment to play around with ideas and most of all we had FUN!! I would encourage anyone who is interested in doing yoga with children to go for it!! I would welcome any further training from yourself, maybe the teenage age range. Many thanks once again!! Best wishes, Sally

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Katie McLaughlan, Yoga Teacher, Devon, UK

Katie McLaughlan

Yoga Teacher

I have found the course informative, inspiring and enjoyable. The pace of the class has been great, allowing us to absorb and learn at a steady pace. The manual and course content has been relative to what we need to take on this journey with us going forward, to promote yoga and wellbeing. Overall, a fantastic, inspiring experience with Helen Clare and Class Yoga!

Lucy Payne, Yoga Teacher and School Teacher

Lucy Payne

Yoga Teacher & School Teacher

Your course really helped me to feel much, much better about my teaching. I now feel empowered, inspired and am enjoying teaching my yoga classes both to children and adults. I do have to stop myself from miaowing in my adult classes! A huge thank you, I am so glad I attended your course.

Hilly Hannken, Yoga Teacher

Hilly Hannken

Yoga Teacher

Since attending the Class Yoga Kids Teacher Training I have successfully taught 17 3-4yr old children on a weekly basis in a Pre-school setting. This has been highly rewarding and, I feel, has got my kids yoga teaching off to a flying start! I am now excited to start teaching an online Saturday morning Yoga Club for primary aged children!

Anisha Chahan

Primary School Teacher

Chelsea Snobel

Primary School Teacher

Jenny Winstanley

Primary School Teacher

Grizzie Elliot

Primary School Teacher

Sarah Driscoll

School Teacher

Absolutely loved this training .It was fun, informative and engaging throughout . Helen is knowledgeable and inspiring . If you want to learn how to teach yoga to children , this training is perfect and I would say essential. The combination of online learning and live classes is spot on, offering just the right amount of challenge . I’ve learnt so much and didn’t want it to end ! Thank you Helen

Maya Field

School Teacher

Loved this course so much! Has really grown my confidence and I feel ready to go out and teach yoga to kids! Helen is such a knowledgeable and supportive teacher, have learnt so much from her and the others on the course. Can't wait to start sharing this with the kids!

Sian Smith

School Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As a teacher and yoga teacher, it was just right for helping me translate what I already know into being able to lead yoga classes for children. Practical, interesting, challenging and fun.

Charlie McKenna

School Teacher

What an amazing course. It taught me so much about how to deliver quality lessons to children-thank you so much!

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Arran Langdon, Primary School Teacher

Arran Langdon

Primary School Teacher

After an amazing experience on the Class Yoga Training, I started teaching yoga to my class at least twice a week, alongside using the Class Yoga videos. I’ve also been teaching other classes in school and got the rest of staff on board with doing your daily yoga videos.

It’s had a transformative effect on the school as a whole and has clearly boosted the confidence, concentration and self-esteem of many individuals. Our school, Camelford have now won the Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing Time 2 Move Ambition 2018, and are shortlisted for CAPH Time 2 Move Primary School of the Year Award, and the introduction of yoga across the school absolutely contributed to that.

Chantalle Sutton, Primary School Teacher, Scotland, UK

Chantalle Sutton

Primary School Teacher

After my training with Class Yoga, I started an after school club with P1-2 and P3-4. Very quickly my head teacher bought into it and adapted my timetable to allow me to teacher yoga to the whole school, every week! It's heartening to see that this is having a positive effect on so many children in my care.

Amanda Simons, Primary School Teacher

Amanda Simons

Primary School Teacher

After finishing the Class Yoga Kids Training course, I was keen to get started in school straight away, so letters went home to explain the benefits! It was a hit from the start, and being a boy heavy Year 5 group, it was great to see their involvement in everything we did.

We had a session a week, which really helped develop my confidence and practise keeping the flow of the lessons going. My super parallel class teacher was fully on board and I taught her class a couple of sessions too. Some children began asking when the next session was! It was also nice to see girls, who were slightly reluctant to join in team sports lessons, really enjoying it and taking part.Thank you to Helen and Class Yoga for starting me on this new journey.

Morgan Pulchinski

Primary School Teacher

Laila Khurana

Primary School Teacher & Yoga Teacher

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Antonia Lorincz


Absolutely amazing course, really informative and introduces you to a unique method which is basically a fail proof way of teaching yoga to kids! The course material has been put together extremely well, Helen’s enthusiasm and knowledge shines through the whole course. Loved that we were able to connect for longer due to the course being online! I now feel more confident and well equipped to start teaching!

Paula Brooks


The course was just so informative and the practical was so much fun. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to teach children’s yoga. It was amazing.

Cheryl Aird

Drama Teacher

Laura Breckenridge

Child Development Officer

Alison McClemont

Advisorary & Secondary School Teacher

Nicki Schaefer

Yoga Teacher

Amanda Simons, Primary School Teacher

Clare Savage

School Business Manager

I have so enjoyed this course – I have found it so inspiring for my personal and home life but also feel passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness into our community. Thank you Helen for your passion and thoroughness.

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