Class Yoga Children's Yoga

Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

A unique online course that gives you the certification (and confidence!) to teach real, authentic, children's yoga to ages 4 to 12 – transforming young lives, and your own!

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Learn more about the Class Yoga Children's Yoga Teacher Training Programme

The Class Yoga Teacher Training is a unique online, self-paced course, with personal feedback and mentoring.

You'll feel calm, competent and confident in teaching 'real', authentic, yoga and mindfulness, to almost any group of children aged 4-12—helping you make more income AND more impact.

No stories, characters or feeling like a clown here — we help you teach real yoga for kids, for real benefit!

When you have a proven method of teaching to follow (and you add your personal magic to it), that’s based on 'real yoga for kids', rather than cartoons and stories - the real magic happens: in your life and theirs!

Teaching yoga to children Can be tough...

You're worried about managing behaviour

You're anxious about teaching safe poses and techniques

You don't want to feel fake and awkward

You're concerned you won’t enjoy it, or make as much income as adults yoga

But with our help, on the Class Yoga Training...

You can transform your career or business in a way that you love

You'll feel confident in your knowledge to teach safe, beneficial poses and techniques

You'll learn how to teach children in a way that engages them – and feels authentic and genuine to you

You'll feel calm and confident to handle a class of 30 kids!

Whether you're a school teacher with a passion for yoga, wanting to further your career and care for your pupils on a greater level…

Or you're a yoga teacher wanting to expand your business to generate more revenue and make a positive impact…

Or you practise yoga and have the desire to share the benefits with children in your community – to actually do something about the mental and physical health crisis…

The Class Yoga Training provides you with the step by step training you need to feel confident in your ability, competent in your teaching skills, and calm in your delivery – to market your services, make money, and massive impact.

Happy children's yoga teacher with students in a park.

Through a self-paced, online course (plus mentoring and feedback!), that you can take between 6 weeks and 4 months to complete, you'll...

Children's yoga teacher and pupil
  1. Know exactly how to effectively structure a class to meet the needs of the children in that moment, so that you feel cool and calm, knowing you're delivering what they need to thrive.
  2. Have a dependable and adaptable class structure, so that you can spend less time planning, more time teaching / doing your own yoga practice / doing life!
  3. Know how to market your business and set up classes in schools, studios and community spaces, so that you can get to work, making an income doing what you love, whilst making an impact as you go — straight away!!
  4. Have the support, accountability, expertise and community that you need to maximise your investment, learning and potential.

Become a trained Children's Yoga Teacher

Be a children’s yoga expert teacher, run a profitable business you love, be in-demand by schools and parents to share these life-changing tools.

Our children's yoga teacher training is unique. You’ll gain the skills to teach real, authentic yoga and mindfulness, like the yoga you practise, and perhaps teach to adults, but modified and made appropriate for children.

We'll train you in the SEFR Method®, so you can walk into any room, assess what the children need at that moment, and adjust your plan to give them an incredible yoga experience.

Children in a yoga partner pose

You'll also gain a better understanding of why children's yoga is different with lessons on children's anatomy and brain development.

Finally you'll be part of the Class Yoga Teachers Community, a growing community of enthusiastic and like minded individuals, supporting you on this journey.

Happy children practising yoga

What our students are saying

Sunny-Jade Boddy
Teaching Assistant

I have loved every second. All of the course content was so informative and useful. I also love how it’s all raw teaching – no fluff, or stories, or things like that – and such a focus on good mental health.

Emily Keen
Yoga Teacher

I enjoyed this course so much and I feel I’ve learnt so much in how to effectively teach yoga to children. Helen has so much knowledge and experience, and is really good at sharing it – and she’s also really encouraging and kind. I feel really excited now about being able to go out and teach yoga classes for children! I’m so grateful that this course was there for me.

Steph N
Yoga Teacher

This course is magic. I signed up not really knowing what to expect or if I would actually feel confident enough to teach children by the end. To the testament of Helen and the way she's designed this course, I absolutely do feel confident enough to share yoga with children and be myself whilst doing it. The method and tools you learn in this course are remarkable. No stone is left unturned. It is thorough and delivered with real clarity and sensitivity. I am a different person and teacher now having completed this course. I can't wait to share what I've learned here with my community.

Antonia L
Yoga practitioner & Parent

Absolutely amazing course, really informative and introduces you to a unique method which is basically a fail-proof way of teaching yoga to kids! The course material has been put together extremely well, Helen's enthusiasm and knowledge shines through the whole course. I now feel more confident and well equipped to start teaching!


This course is not for everybody. We have 2 prerequisites: 1) you personally practise yoga yourself, and 2) you have felt the benefit and want to share it with kids!

That's why we have a short application process for you, and because we know you're busy people there's a reward for every successful applicant (see below)!

Ready to transform young lives and your own?
...with a renowned training programme that costs less than a fancy (but fleeting) weekend away - but that offers a lifetime of tools & magic ✨

Your Investment

→ $645 Pay in Full
5 x $129 Monthly Payments

GBP £ Payment Option Available

Apply today (it takes 5 mins) and, if successful, we'll give you a
✨ fast-action discount ✨

Happy child in a yoga class

What you get

Expert training in 16 modules taught by Class Yoga Founder, Helen

How to lead a class in the S.E.F.R Method, to confidently adapt and deliver a class, depending on what the children need in that moment to thrive

6 months access to all modules – time for you to complete the course and review again! Complete the course within 4 months + 2 bonus months access.

Individual video feedback – Your personal course mentor will tell you everything you're doing right, and how to make it even better!

6 Monthly Mentoring live calls – attend at least one two, or as many as you like within your first 4 months, to get all your questions answered, dive deeper into learning and meet others

Full beautiful digital and printable PDF manual

Connection and support with other students, graduates and mentors around the world, inside our Online Teacher’s Community!

Bonus Business & Marketing Module

Class Yoga Trained Teacher Certification, ready to gain professional liability insurance

Ongoing access to our unique online graduate community on graduation

How it works

  • Do our short application & qualify for a discount to enrol
  • Enrol with a discount!
  • Gain instant access to the Online Class Yoga Training Studio + Teachers Community
  • Get assigned your Mentor who will help guide you through the course
  • Complete 15 incredible modules in your own time and pace! ~ take between 6 weeks and 4 months! Use your bonus 2 months to review as you start teaching!
  • Ask questions in the Teachers Community
  • Attend optional monthly Live Calls or watch on replay
  • Pass your assessment 'quizzes'!
  • Submit 2 short videos (5-10 minutes) for ages 4-7 and 8-11
  • Get individual help and feedback from your Mentor on your teaching
  • Submit 1 final class demo video for an age-group and focus of your choice (15-20 mins)
  • Get certified and share out into the world!!

And then the fun really begins!

  • Start word-of-mouth-worthy classes in your community
  • Get booked-out to teach in schools as a trusted raiser-of-wellbeing
  • Run sold-out kids classes in your studio
  • Wake up each day, excited to share your classes and see the benefit in every child ❤
Helen Clare, Class Yoga founder and children's yoga teacher

Meet Your Guide..

Helen Clare

Around 12 years ago, not long after taking my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, I became a Primary School Teacher. Having experienced the personal benefit of yoga I wanted to bring it into my classroom, but I felt somewhat confused around exactly how to go about teaching yoga to my young pupils.

I knew yoga and mindfulness would be of huge benefit to the children in my class, but also intuitively knew that it should be taught very different to what I taught adults...

Gradually, I shared a little at a time. I continued to study with doctors, yoga, anatomy and neuroscience experts. I saw what worked, and what didn’t. Over time, this developed into the Class Yoga Method that I teach and train others in today!

Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to help enhance the lives of 1000s of children and 100s of teachers around the world. And, since this training began in 2017, we've certified over 100 students, who have also gone on to have massive impact in their own schools and communities.

You could be next - expand, enhance or start a new career, be rewarded for doing something you adore, and help improve the mental and physical health that so many children so desperately need!

I live in Cornall, UK, with my partner and my 2 wonderful cats, where I enjoy coastal trail running, sea swimming and teaching from my home studio.

Hear from some of our graduates

Melinda Szepesi - Yoga Teacher, London
Hilly Hannken- Yoga Teacher
Jenny Winstanley - Primary School Teacher
Cheryl Aird - Drama Teacher, Scotland
Online is Better!
  • 6 months content access
  • Pause and rewind to your heart's desire
  • Train from home
  • Get more personal attention
Hilly - Children's Yoga Teacher
Hilly Hannken - Yoga Teacher

having first taken the in-person course, and now the online version - I would definitely say online is better! Just the way you have so clearly and succinctly created the video content, my ability to rewatch in my own time, but still having the vital live interaction and group work that I can join from home!

Welcome to the Tribe...

The best online community there is! (and it’s not a facebook group!)

All your burning questions answered during and after the course

Video submission space for individual feedback

Monthly Mentoring live calls on a topic of the month, with open Q&A

Share your wins and support one another!

Resources - templates like, letters to schools, sign-in sheets; plans & scripts

More than just expert and peer support… friends and community for life!

The Modules

The Class Yoga Teach Yoga & Mindfulness to Children Teacher Training Course Modules

  • Understanding all the benefits
  • The SEFR Method®
  • Settle and Energise
  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Mindfulness
  • Anatomy & physiology of children
  • Ages 4 - 7: poses, partner poses, game
  • Philosophy & The Spokes of Yoga
  • Child brain development
  • Ages 8- 12: poses, partner poses, games
  • Behaviour management
  • Safety
  • Organising classes: in and out of school
  • Reflect and review
  • Bonus business and marketing module
Clare, School Business Manager, Cornwall
Clare Savage
School Business Manager

I have so enjoyed this course – I have found it so inspiring for my personal and home life but also feel passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness into our community. Thank you Helen for your passion and thoroughness.

Lucy, yoga and school teacher, Bristol UK
Lucy Payne
Yoga & School Teacher

Your course really helped me to feel much, much better about my teaching. I now feel empowered, inspired and am enjoying teaching my yoga classes both to children and adults. I do have to stop myself from miaowing in my adult classes! A huge thank you, I am so glad I attended your course.

Yoga Teacher

Class Yoga was a wonderful course to learn how to teach yoga to children. We learnt how to teach yoga to children in a fun yet mindful way that encourages self reflection, self awareness and confidence rather than relying on further outside stimulus of stories. I really recommend his course for anyone interested in bringing mindfulness to a child’s busy life.

School Support Officer

I cannot thank you enough for teaching and highlighting how to declutter and simplify a yoga class without making it childish or patronising. The SEFR Method® is amazing and a great tool for planning. I cannot underestimate how useful the SEFR framework is when planning and delivering the class. Thank you!

The SEFR Method® Vs. Story Based Yoga!

Success Stories

Dora Goffredo - Children's Yoga Teacher, London, UK
Dora Goffredo

Attending the Class Yoga Teaching Training was an incredibly valuable personal and professional opportunity for me, which greatly exceeded my expectations! The course has given me excellent subject knowledge, the skills to deliver successful children’s yoga classes and ultimately, the confidence to build a new rewarding career path for myself. Helen’s been such a great mentor, giving me fantastic support during and after the course. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve become a full time children’s yoga teacher and secured competitive contracts with some of the most prestigious prep schools in West London! That just wouldn’t have happened without the level of preparation that I received in my training. Now, I have the privilege to be an assistant on this ground-breaking course and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and welcoming you into the Tribe!

Abi Wood, school teacher and founder of Yogart Sessions
Abi Wood

The Class Yoga training was packed with information and techniques, which gave me loads of confidence and clear guidance on how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. I set up Yogart Sessions last year, providing yoga and art workshops that offer an experience to practise yoga and meditation through the arts.

Since completing the course, Yogart Sessions has been working in various schools around Cornwall, teaching children techniques that help them relax, focus and build confidence in preparation for exams. I also run yoga after school clubs and PE sessions for children from reception to Year 6. It has been incredible to see the impact these sessions have on children’s ability to follow instruction, calm themselves down and get in touch with and express how they feel! It has been a truly humbling experience.

Amanda Simons, Primary School Teacher
Amanda Simons

After finishing the Class Yoga Kids Training course, I was keen to get started in school straight away, so letters went home to explain the benefits! It was a hit from the start, and being a boy heavy Year 5 group, it was great to see their involvement in everything we did.

We had a session a week, which really helped develop my confidence and practise keeping the flow of the lessons going. My super parallel class teacher was fully on board and I taught her class a couple of sessions too. Some children began asking when the next session was! It was also nice to see girls, who were slightly reluctant to join in team sports lessons, really enjoying it and taking part.Thank you to Helen and Class Yoga for starting me on this new journey.

Chantalle Sutton, Primary School Teacher, Scotland, UK
Chantalle Sutton

After my training with Class Yoga, I started an after school club with P1-2 and P3-4. Very quickly my head teacher bought into it and adapted my timetable to allow me to teacher yoga to the whole school, every week! It's heartening to see that this is having a positive effect on so many children in my care.

Ready to transform young lives and your own?
...with a renowned training programme that costs less than a fancy (but fleeting) weekend away - but that offers a lifetime of tools & magic ✨

Your Investment

→ $645 Pay in Full
5 x $129 Monthly Payments

GBP (£) Payment Option Available

Apply today (it takes 5 mins) and, if successful, we'll give you a
✨ fast-action discount ✨

Happy child in a yoga class


Do I need any experience? Ideally!

We recommend that you have at least one year experience of doing yoga personally. You do not need any experience of teaching or working with children. If you need some more personal practice, why not join Helen’s adult classes on Connected

What if I don’t complete within 6 months?

We feel that 6 months is plenty of time to move through the modules–much longer loses momentum! If you do need extra time, on a case by case basis, you can buy additional months. We send you weekly reminders for the first 6 weeks, then monthly reminders so you don’t lose track of time!

Is there any recommended reading? Yes!

There are just two books on your reading list to buy in addition to the course. We’ll send you the list after enrolment.

Am I guaranteed to pass? No but yes…

Of course, you have to meet our teaching standards to receive certification… but we will do everything we can to best support you to get there! (We have an excellent course and have never failed anyone before!)

Do I get on-going access to the Teachers Community? yes!

Our Community has several sections: you will keep access to all the 'Discussions' and 'Resources'.

Can I still join the Monthly Mentoring after the course? Yes!
After your 6 months, you can keep 'Monthly Mentoring' for a small fee.
Is there a Teacher Directory?

A teacher directory is in our roadmap of development, so yes, it's coming! As a graduate you'll be entitled to your first 12 months listing on the directory for free. After that there'll be a small annual fee.

Is this a professional qualification? Yes!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Class Yoga Trained Teacher 60 hour certification, with which you will be able to gain the appropriate liability insurance to teach in a professional capacity.

Will I be able to gain insurance to teach professionally?

We are an Associated Group of BGi Insurance for wellbeing practices.

With the Class Yoga certification, BGi will be able to insure you to teach kids yoga in a professional capacity and grant you professional liability cover.

Is the course accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals?

This training was accredited by YAP since its inception in Spring 2017, until the Summer of 2022 when we transitioned to a self-paced course to make it more accessible for our students. Although it is the same amazing course, due to our new self-paced model, unfortunately it is no longer accredited by YAP. We are proud that our training course met the high standards of the YAP, however you do not need Yoga Alliance accreditation to teach kids yoga professionally. It is not a legal requirement.

Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Certified Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified Yoga Trainer