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Wellbeing = attainment: researching the link, with Cambridge PhD scholar Tania Clarke

Better wellbeing leads to improved academic attainment. To me, and perhaps yourself, this is a very intuitively true statement.

But as educators, we all want to make the right choices when it comes to improving our children’s wellbeing - so having trusted researched evidence to back our intuition when it comes to raising wellbeing for raising success - is, in my opinion, more than welcome.

Will government even support us fully without thorough and dedicated academic research linking wellbeing to success? and, might this research actually cause us to question our definition of success and reevaluate what a successful educational outcome looks like?

For these reasons and more, I celebrate today's guest, Tania Clarke, a PhD scholar from the education faculty at Cambridge University, who is undertaking an enormous research project to examen the link between psychological wellbeing and academic attainment at school - so that we all might better understand the reasons behind this relationship that we know exists, and for what this greater understanding could mean for schools.

Some educators feel that wellbeing is a nicety rather than a necessity, but my research and the work of others in the field suggests that on the contrary, a whole-child approach to education, whereby children's wellbeing is seen as foundational, is critical to children's development of self but also their ability to learn. Tania Clarke.

Join me for this inspiring and highly informative conversation, including Tania's action items for teachers to implement now.

Connect with Tania on LinkedIn here and Twitter here to learn more about her research in wellbeing in education.

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