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Girl taking a test

Yoga for Exams – standing and seated yoga for the classroom, or home

Following on from last week’s video, here’s another class for you to follow around exam time – to help stretch out worries and breathe in confidence!

This class only requires a small amount of space, so it’s ideal for the classroom or your living room! We’ll be doing a few poses standing that get the blood flowing and loosen tight shoulders, then we’ll sit to stretch some more and focus on calming, confidence building breaths.

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Kids yoga for stress

Yoga for Stress

Life can feel more than a little bit stressful sometimes can’t it, and remember back to when you were a child, small things felt like really big things!

It’s not surprising that more and more children are feeling more and more stressed these days. There is so much going on in their little young lives, so much to do during their day – much of which is incredibly fun – but a lot of it is understandably pretty stressful.

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Kids yoga for worry

Yoga for Worries

We often get worried because our negative thoughts get so busy in our heads, that we find it hard to think of anything else.

We might have one bad thought, then another, and another, and then we end up feeling really worried, anxious and sick. We can suffer like this as adults, if we don’t have a mindfulness practice to slow the thoughts down, and for children, what seems like a small worry to us, is something much, much bigger to a child.

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