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How to help children focus

Increased ability to focus is one of the big reasons that schools are drawn to offering yoga to their pupils – and understandably so.

Not only does enhanced focus help us to achieve more – it builds self-esteem and confidence.

Have a watch of this week’s episode to find out why, and a few different ways that we can instil focus through yoga.

After you watched I’d love to hear from you – have you seen the feed-back loop I mention in action yourself? Write to me in the comments below!

Next time we have a breathing exercise of focus. I’ll see you then.

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How to help kids focus video transcription

Of all the benefits of teaching yoga to kids, particularly in schools, an increase in attention levels and focus on the teacher, is possibly the most commented on! And understandably! And there are more benefits to increased focused levels than you might think… By being able to give greater attention to one thing at a time, we’re more able to achieve, make progress and do well. This builds self-esteem and confidence. And a feedback loop is created, with the children seeing their own achievements, they start to focus even more.

Create challenge but not too much. I like to teach suitably challenging poses for the particular class of children that I have. Challenge brings about focus and concentration.

Breathing – I also use a range of breathing techniques that are known to wake up the brain with a surge of oxygen.

Games – an interesting one is the use of games. When it comes to games in yoga, I am very selective with what I consider to be enhancing the benefit of the yoga for the kids. But there are a few games in my toolbox that I know are great at enhancing focus and concentration levels.

Recapping : use the right level of challenge, learn and use the appropriate breathing techniques, and learn and use suitable games.

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Join me next time for a breathing exercise to increase focus.

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