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How to build confidence in children

Some kids naturally have more confident characters than others – but I do believe that we can all learn to be more confident.

So how can yoga build a child’s confidence?

In this episode I’ll tell you about 4 of the ways that I have seen yoga to raise confidence levels in kids. Sometimes gradually over time – sometimes in a session!

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and experiences in the comments below.

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Video Transcript – How to build confidence in children

Some children are more naturally confident than others, but everyone can learn to be confident. You may be wondering how yoga can build a child’s confidence? Yoga helps us connect to our physical body, and to our inner self. It develops an appreciation for the body we have, for our capabilities and it promotes a love for ourself, inside and out

Stand tall

Yoga improves our posture. It physically helps us to stand taller. This has a big emotional effect of lifting us up.

Move in your own way, in your own space. Everyone looks different in every pose. Reaffirming this regularly allows children to accept and appreciate the way that their body looks and moves. The time in turn inward helps them to see the deeper, real part of themselves.


Progress can be seen very quickly and a child noticing their improvements in things like balancing, is such a confidence booster!


This is something that I occasionally like to include as part of my yoga classes – so tune in next time for a guided visualisation for confidence, for you to enjoy with your children and pupils.

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