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How to Build Children’s Self Esteem

This week we look at how to build self esteem in children with some easy to implement child self-esteem activities to use in the classroom or home, perhaps as part of a yoga session.

Self-esteem is about self-worth and personal value. Essentially liking yourself and valuing what you have to offer the world, and as role models, and with the help of yoga, we can help to instil greater self esteem in children.💕

In this video I share my thoughts on self-esteem and the ways that I have seen yoga to boost it.

After you’ve watched I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Love, Helen

Video Transcription

How to Build Children’s Self Esteem | Child Self-Esteem Activities

Last month we talked about confidence building through yoga – this month it’s self-esteem. On the surface the two can look very similar. And although they are often linked, underneath they feel very different. Confidence is believing in yourself to achieve things. I would say the most confident people have good self esteem, but you can still find confidence with low self esteem. Self-esteem is about self-worth and personal value, essentially liking yourself and valuing what you have to offer the world. As role models, teachers and with yoga, we can help to instil self esteem in children.

Using Affirmations

Affirmations. The more we tell ourself something, the more we believe it. And this works both positively and negatively. Give children affirmations to repeat to themselves, then let them choose their own.

Celebrate Progress

Praise and celebrate every small progress and achievement. Sometimes we’re aware of low self esteem, sometimes not. I like to praise whole classes together and give lots of individual eye contact. Let kids know that you have seen them trying, and making progress.

Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration. In the Class Yoga Teach Mindfulness and Yoga to Children Teacher Training Course, I teach how to effectively use partner poses and games within a yoga class. By working together in new ways and being encouraged to thank and appreciate one another, it has the effect of raising one’s own self esteem, value and contribution.


To recap, we talked about affirmations, praise and collaboration to boost self esteem.

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Join me next time for some affirmations that you can use with your children and pupils.

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