Kids yoga for worry

Yoga for Worries

We often get worried because our negative thoughts get so busy in our heads, that we find it hard to think of anything else.

We might have one bad thought, then another, and another, and then we end up feeling really worried, anxious and sick. We can suffer like this as adults, if we don’t have a mindfulness practice to slow the thoughts down, and for children, what seems like a small worry to us, is something much, much bigger to a child.

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Mum and child yoga

Mother’s Day Yoga

This weekend, it’s Mother’s Day in the UK and many other countries – and what better way to spend some quality time together, mother and child, than doing some yoga!

So here is a really lovely, ten minute class for you and your child to do together, this Sunday on Mother’s Day, or whenever you like. It’s only 10 minutes but it’s full of wonderful poses to do on your own and together. You’ll find several different partner poses that require trust and support from each other. Some that provide a sense of safety and care. And others that just allow you to smile at each other and feel the love!

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