A calm happy child

How to help children self regulate (calm themselves down)

Yoga teaches us how to be more present and mindful.

It does this in the way that we…

… focus our mind and attention on moving our body,

… concentrate on a balance,

… breathe,

… turn our senses inward for once!

In today’s episode, I share 3 ways that children can use techniques they learn in yoga, as tools to help self regulate and feel calm.

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How to help children feel Positive!

How we think becomes what we say and what we do – and as role models, children pick up on this, and behave in the same way!

It can take some practise, but when we’re mindful enough to notice when we are in a negative slump, we can help ourselves get out of it more quickly – obviously benefiting our own wellbeing but also that of the kids around us!

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