Kids yoga for worry

Yoga for Worries

We often get worried because our negative thoughts get so busy in our heads, that we find it hard to think of anything else.

We might have one bad thought, then another, and another, and then we end up feeling really worried, anxious and sick. We can suffer like this as adults, if we don’t have a mindfulness practice to slow the thoughts down, and for children, what seems like a small worry to us, is something much, much bigger to a child.

Over-worrying can lead to tummy aches and headaches and trouble getting to sleep.

What can we do?

We can try to catch those sneaky bad thoughts as they enter our heads, and choose to think a different thought. Yoga is a great way to teach children that they are in control of their thoughts, as they become more and more mindful and aware of their bodies and aware of their thoughts in their heads.

They start to understand that they are in control of their minds, that they can see what they’re thinking and that they can choose if they would rather think of something else. This is such a great lesson to us all. We all get so busy. We all need to stop and pause, look at what we are thinking and decide if that thought is benefiting us or if we should send it away to choose a better thought.

This is easier said than done in the beginning, but I promise that it just takes some practice! I’ve had many children tell me that they know how to breathe to help themselves feel better.

Remember we are in control of our minds – what we think and therefore how we feel. So try this 10 minute video this week and I look forward to chatting with you in the comments below.

All my best, Helen

Try yoga & mindfulness in your classroom today!

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