Help get children to focus and concentrate with yoga

Yoga for the Classroom – Find some Focus, Improve Concentration

I’m sure you know that standing up from our desks and moving helps us to feel more awake and focused… but did you know that giving children the opportunity to regularly stand up in class can actually improve concentration by 12%?! This study was on 300 nine year old pupils who were given standing desks, with this option to sit on a stool or stand freely, showed this 12% increase of ‘on-task behaviours’. (Mark Benden, Ph.D., CPE, Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health)

Whilst you might not have standing desks, or the option to instal them – you can be doing more standing yoga.

This is a short, standing yoga class for the classroom, to get the kids up and moving and re-focused. Expect some dynamic movements to get the blood flowing, calming breathing and fun, yet focusing, balancing postures.

I’d love to hear from you – and any results that you see from incorporating more standing yoga into your class day! Leave your comments below, or write to us here.

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Try yoga & mindfulness in your classroom today!

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