Yoga for the classroom - unwind and feel calm

Yoga for the Classroom – calm and unwind

At the end of a day, yoga is great for helping children to unwind. It gives them a chance to take a few minutes out of the busy day to focus on themselves. It’s a rare time when children are encouraged to focus their attention inward, rather than outward.

By focussing attention on the movements, the poses, their breathing and sensations, the mind can slow down, breathing can slow down – anxiety drops, energy levels balance out and a feeling of calm comes about as we move out of the flighty sympathetic nervous system.

Here is a class that you might like to try at the end of a busy afternoon, in school or at home after school. It’s all seated, so ideal for the classroom carpet, or the living room 🙂

How did your children find it? Let me know, just below.

All my best,

Try yoga & mindfulness in your classroom today!

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