Kids yoga for stress

Yoga for Stress

Life can feel more than a little bit stressful sometimes can’t it, and remember back to when you were a child, small things felt like really big things!

It’s not surprising that more and more children are feeling more and more stressed these days. There is so much going on in their little young lives, so much to do during their day – much of which is incredibly fun – but a lot of it is understandably pretty stressful.

There are a lot of expectations, school tests and homework, even for young children. Learning can be difficult, so let’s not get angry but empathetic. Friends can be mean. Everyone gets tired, especially when the day is so full. Let’s listen, understand and offer the toolkit that yoga provides.

Let’s try not to use that word the S word at all. Try not to use it around them but instead talk and listen to them. Above all, see how they are feeling. Let them know that it’s normal and give them the tools to deal with that S word.

Try this 10 minute class – I think it will benefit you, as well as your child or pupils! As always, let me know how your child or pupils got on, I really love to hear from you.

All my best, Helen.

Try yoga & mindfulness in your classroom today!

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