Helen Clare leading a visualisation to build confidence in children

Visualisation to Build Confidence in a Child

Visualisation is a powerful tool for all of us, including children. Here I guide you through a visualisation to build a child’s confidence to share with your children.

By visualising what we want, and how it makes us feel, shifts our emotional and energetic state to act as though we have already achieved our desire. And if we can feel the way that we want to feel, we’re already halfway there.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between thoughts/ imagery that have happened and that are imagined. So we can trick our brain into thinking we’re already at the place we want to be, and feel the way that we want to.

Listen to this guided visualisation that I wrote for children to raise their confidence. You can follow along to the video with your children, or download the transcript below.

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Download the transcript of the Visualisation to Build Confidence in Children

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