Helen Clare leading a affirmation to boost self esteem in kids

Boost Self Esteem in Children | Affirmation for Kids!

A great way to boost self esteem in children is to use an affirmation. I’m a huge fan of affirmations for kids, and have been using them for years now – personally – and in my children’s yoga lessons.

It’s not uncommon for children to have dips in self esteem. Underlying causes can often be a change in routine or life such as moving to a new neighbourhood, a change in school or a change in living arrangements.

The current global pandemic may obviously be having a significant effect on our children.

Even confident children can suffer from dips or low self esteem, but with support from parents, carers and teachers at home and in school kids can bounce back quickly.

Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations are great to share with your kids and pupils, as they are a simple but incredibly effective way to change neurological signals and shift mindsets.

They work in a similar way to visualisation, in that we tell our brain how it is that we want to feel. If we do this enough, with real feeling and belief behind what we say – we can actually shift our thoughts and emotions.

Use the phrase ‘I am…’ to invoke how it is you want to feel. It’s important to speak in the present tense as this tells our brain that we are currently feeling this way now (rather than at some point in the future) physically shifting our children’s neurological pathways in realtime.

You can use these affirmations at any appropriate time – seated, standing, during yoga, pausing in the classroom, and in times of need for a child.

Repetition of the affirmation is very important. The more frequently the child hears the positive messages the more embedded they become creating an internal feedback loop of positivity.

I hope you enjoy using this affirmation with your children in the home or classroom. Please let me know how you get on in the comments, and you can download the transcript of the affirmation below the video to read with your child at any time.

All my best,

Download the transcript of the Affirmation to Boost Self Esteem

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