Abi combines yoga and art for kids to teach mindfulness

Abi’s teaching experience, so far!

Abi completed our Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children teacher training in 2018, and we were excited to hear about her experience and what she did next. This is what she told us about her motivations and work with Yogart Sessions, running yoga and art workshops for children. Take it away Abi…

I’ve been working in education as a Primary teacher for many years, then in April last year I completed a 200hr yoga teacher training in Sri Lanka and it was such an amazing experience! At the time I had no intention of becoming a yoga instructor, however when I returned and having witnessed children’s struggles to concentrate, focus and relax, I felt a duty and desire to share what I had learnt with them. So, I set up Yogart Sessions, a yoga and art workshop business, that offers an experience to practice yoga and meditation through the arts.

I started going into schools and running holiday workshops but wanted some clear guidance on how to teach yoga to children in particular. This is when one of my teachers recommended me to attend Helen Clare’s course, Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children.

The course was packed with information and techniques, which gave me loads of confidence and clear guidance on how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. Having initially thought yoga for kids needed to involve wild stories and lots of jazzy distractions, Helen’s course taught me that yoga for children was more effective when stripped back to its true nature. Yes, we can still incorporate imaginative imagery and fun poses but the need for elaborate story lines and hooks just isn’t necessary. Helen is a great teacher with her wealth of knowledge. Her experience and presence gives such grounding and reassurance, something that I’ve taken with me into my classes that I teach.

Since completing the Class Yoga course, I’ve taken Yogart Sessions into various schools around Cornwall, working with Year 6 children in particular to learn techniques that help them relax, focus and build confidence in preparation for exams.

Yogart Sessions is also now running yoga after school clubs and PE Sessions for children from reception to Year 6. It has been incredible to see the impact these sessions have on children’s ability to follow instructions, calm themselves down and get in touch with and express how they feel. It has been a truly humbling experience.

In the holidays and after school Yogart Sessions runs various workshops where children experience a yoga session and art activities. Children find a new found confidence, make friends and deepen their understanding of community all whilst unleashing their creativity and Self expression.

My experience with Helen on attending her course was such a fun, valuable learning experience. I’ve made new friends and taken away self assured confidence and many tools and techniques. Thank you, Helen!

Find out more at www.yogartsessions.com or by emailing Abi at info@yogartsessions.com. Join the next Class Yoga Teach Yoga and Mindfulness Training, this October in Cheltenham, UK. Find out more and apply here.

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