How to help children feel Positive!

How we think becomes what we say and what we do – and as role models, children pick up on this, and behave in the same way!

It can take some practise, but when we’re mindful enough to notice when we are in a negative slump, we can help ourselves get out of it more quickly – obviously benefiting our own wellbeing but also that of the kids around us!

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Girl taking a test

Yoga for Exams – standing and seated yoga for the classroom, or home

Following on from last week’s video, here’s another class for you to follow around exam time – to help stretch out worries and breathe in confidence!

This class only requires a small amount of space, so it’s ideal for the classroom or your living room! We’ll be doing a few poses standing that get the blood flowing and loosen tight shoulders, then we’ll sit to stretch some more and focus on calming, confidence building breaths.

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