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At Class Yoga HQ we absolutely love to hear the feedback of our kids, teachers and parents. It makes our day to hear of the positive effect of yoga on the young lives of our Class Yoga kids. If you have a kids' yoga experience you would like to share please get in touch.

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Connecting with us via social media is a great way to give us feedback too. We have set up a Facebook group to help connect you with like-minded parents, carers, kids yoga teachers and educational professionals. Please request to join here: Class Yoga Real Yoga for Kids FB Group .

Class Yoga Kids in action in a school!

Camelford School Kids talk yoga!

Camelford School's Children's Yoga

Yoga at Camelford Primary is lead by class teacher Arran. Arran's twin approach has been to implement the use of our online yoga classes in each classroom, allowing every child to benefit from yoga everyday, whilst Arran completed our Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children Training Course in 2017, giving him the confidence and skills to lead live class and assembly yoga sessions in the school.

The feedback from the children has been amazing, whilst the school is seeing the positive effect of yoga with improved behaviour, concentration and performance, as well as a greater sense of wellbeing amongst the children. In November 2018, Camelford School were awarded School of the Year for Physical Activity, Health & Wellbeing by the Cornwall Sports Partnership!

What a brilliant course. I’m leaving keen, confident and ready to start yoga fully within my school. Fantastic teaching and resources have given me the skills, knowledge and understanding I need for delivering a successful yoga class. Thank you Helen. - Arran, Primary Teacher, Cornwall & Class Yoga Training Graduate

A teacher's Class Yoga journey

Michelle Grant's Class Yoga Story

A short while ago we asked several of our school teachers for feedback – the response was simply incredible. Below is a wonderful example of how Class Yoga is a positive force for change in a school environment. We will let Michelle tell you in her own words…

My name is Michelle Grant and I am the Year 3 & 4 Class Teacher and PE Coordinator at Cardinham Primary School, near Bodmin, where we currently have 70 pupils on role.

Having practised Yoga myself for over three years, I was extremely enthusiastic to introduce it across our school. I first came into contact with Helen and Dougie of Class Yoga, at a PE Conference, held at The Eden Project, back in October 2016. This meeting got the ball rolling and we haven’t looked back since!

Our first step was to trial Class Yoga's Real Yoga for Kids in school. We loved what it had to offer us as non-specialists; the perfect tool to provide everyone with the confidence to deliver Yoga. Helen presents a large variety of classes for children from the age of 5-11. The website is easy to navigate and the presentation of the sessions is second to none. She has expertly ensured that her tone of voice is appropriate to the age and style of the class. Using our Sports Premium Funding, we signed up to Class Yoga and to ensure high quality teaching, we committed to a two hour yoga training session for all staff.

Inspired by Class Yoga and Helen’s training session, yoga sessions were firstly introduced to small groups (6-12 children). The short energising classes were used first thing in the morning and the relaxing classes after lunch. When short of space or time, we used the ‘chair yoga’ sessions. During PE sessions and PSHE sessions longer sessions were taught. We also set up an after school Yoga Club, open to pupils in YR-6. The response from the children was fantastic. At the end of a session, when asked to describe how they feel, their responses included, calm and sleepy, relaxed yet energised, …like a cloud and …like my brain has been refuelled.

The children LOVE the fact that they are allowed (and actively encouraged) to take time out of their busy days to relax. In fact, many children report that their favourite part of the sessions is the guided relaxation. The sessions are having a positive influence on the children’s behaviour and self-esteem. If a child becomes frustrated or uptight, we remind them to use their Yoga breathing to help. Some children even report to be practising yoga at home. We have woven Yoga into our PE Curriculum Map and it is our aim by September 2017, for every child in the school to access a minimum of two yoga sessions per week.

Realising the numerous health benefits to the children, in April this year, I successfully completed Helen Clare’s course called ‘Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children’. This inspiring and motivating course has given me the knowledge and confidence to lead whole class groups of up to 24 children. We have even recently started taking yoga outside and teaching lessons in the beautiful setting of our school field.

Yoga is fantastic because it is accessible to all; everyone is equal. It not only improves balance, coordination, strength and posture but it is proven to raise self-esteem, boost confidence and reduce stress and anxiety. What are you waiting for? Embark on your Class Yoga journey today…

Michelle Grant, Year 3 & 4 Class Teacher and PE Coordinator at Cardinham Primary School, Cornwall, UK.

Energising Kids' Yoga Class

Watch a 1 minute sample

Focussing Kids' Yoga Class

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Relaxing Kids' Yoga Class

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More teachers experiences

The yoga is going incredibly well so far with all of the schools. From my experience with my class and from feedback with the other teachers, it has really transformed some children’s experience in the classroom. I have found children that struggle emotionally, or with additional needs like ASD or ADHD, have been able to fully engage with the yoga sessions, and then are ready for learning. Their speed, accuracy and commitment to their learning has really improved. So thank you!!

It has also meant that we are able to address emotional and mental health and wellbeing, in a way that engages the children and that they can understand. It lends itself beautifully to developing resilience and lifelong habits that I am sure will encourage a love of self, realistic expectations of oneself and practical skills to manage in the wider world.Ellie Watkins, Lead Teacher, Blackwater Primary School, Cornwall UK.

We hope to be hearing your Class Yoga story soon! If you want to know more about what we offer why not head over to our about page where you can learn more about us, meet Helen Clare our children's yoga teacher and founder, and find out why and how we do what we do!

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch here, or connect with us on Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram, and if you would like a sign up to a couple of free kids' yoga programs you can do that just below! 😀

We have also set up a Facebook group to help connect you with like-minded parents, carers, kids yoga teachers and educational professionals. Please request to join here: Class Yoga Kids FB Group .

Helen in the Class Yoga Kids yoga studio A happy mum with her yoga kids! Helen teaching the pupils of Camelford Primary School

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