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Are you ready to change young lives, and your own?

It’s time to teach #realyogaforkids to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of children, and follow your passion for sharing yoga!

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The Class Yoga Online Children's Yoga Teacher Training!

A 5 week course, starting October 23rd 2021

Watch this short video ↓ & continue reading for all the details!

Early Bird Offer of £699 available for a limited time!

Just imagine the life-long effect you could have…

...when you teach children to love and appreciate themselves

... when you teach children to enjoy moving their body without comparison

...when you teach children ways of breathing and relaxing, so that they can feel calm whenever they choose...

All through teaching them yoga and mindfulness! The impact can be immense and help shape young lives for the better, as well as positively impact your own. So let’s make it happen!

It makes me feel on top of the world!

I felt free

I know how to calm down now

This is what I hear and what you could be hearing from children at the end of your yoga classes - very soon!

The Class Yoga Online Children's Yoga Course Experience

This online training includes the exact same content as our 5 day in-person training - allowing you to gain the same certification, from the same incredible course - without having to travel and find accommodation!

Led over 5 weeks, each week of the Class Yoga Online Training you are given access to a new online module of pre-recorded videos, tasks and an assessment. You are expected to complete the module at your own pace (up to 4 hours), within that given week, before the weekend live training session.

Each week you will need to attend two live online training sessions, held via Zoom: 1 hour mid-week and 3 hours at the weekend, throughout the course. There is a choice of two times for each session. You must attend at least one of each session, and complete the week’s study by the weekend.

In this way, you can fit the training around 'normal life' and still be held accountable for making time and completing the course within the time frame!

Summary: up to 4 hours pre-recorded content, plus assessment and 4 hours live online training to complete/ attend, each week for 5 weeks.

Upcoming Course Dates

These are the dates and times of the live training sessions that you must attend, in addition to completing the online modules each week. Please note all times & dates listed are UK times & dates.

  • Opening ceremony! Saturday 23rd October 2021: 9am-10am
  • Discussion, Q&A Wednesday: 9-10am
    27th Oct
    3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th November
  • Teaching practice Saturday: 9am-12pm
    30th Oct
    6th, 13th, 20th November
  • Graduation ceremony! Saturday 27th November 2021: 9am-12pm
Weekly Course Commitment

So to summerise your typical weekly commitment will be:

  • Up to 4 hours of pre-recorded lessons to work through each week
  • One weekly assessment
  • 1 hour mid week live Q&A session
  • 3 hour weekend live teaching practice session

9am UK = 6pm Sydney
See the World Clock Converter for your timezone.

Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher
Class Yoga - Children's Yoga
Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Trainer

Hear from some of our online graduates

Cheryl, Drama Teacher

Cheryl, a Drama Teacher from Scotland, has just completed our online children's yoga teacher training. Hear about her experience above ↑

Melinda, Yoga Teacher

Melinda, a Yoga Teacher based in London, has just completed our online children's yoga teacher training. Hear about her thoughts about the training in the video ↑

Anisha, Primary School Teacher

Anisha, a Primary School Teacher from Birmingham UK, has just completed our online children's yoga teacher training. Here she talks about her experience ↑

Laura, Child Development Officer

Laura, a mum & Child Development Officer from Glasgow, UK, has just completed our online children's yoga teacher training. Hear her thoughts about the training in the video ↑

Chelsea, Primary School Teacher

Chelsea, a Primary School Teacher from Scotland has just completed our online children's yoga teacher training. Hear about her experience above ↑

Feel Confident to Teach Real Yoga, for Real Results - to all Children

Helen teaching yoga to a group of children

Kid's Yoga Teacher Training

What makes our training different… at Class Yoga we raise the bar in teaching yoga to children. We don’t shy away from what yoga truly is, by covering it up with stories and characters, or with an overload of songs and games.

We know firsthand that yoga doesn’t need to be fluffed up for children, and that they benefit more from a real yoga experience.

We’ll teach you how you can teach authentic yoga to children, that’s engaging and appropriate for them in that moment - and has them continually wanting more!

Sammi, Primary School Teacher, Portugal Sammi Morgan
Sammi, Primary School Teacher, Portugal

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course – it’s given me a great core understanding of teaching yoga to children. I feel confident and inspired by this week’s course and I’m excited to start teaching!

Reasons to teach #realyogaforkids with the Class Yoga Method

Story telling takes attention outward, when yoga has the potential to turn us inward. Let's give children the time they really need to be quiet, go inside and be self-aware.

Too much dumbing down of yoga can feel patronising to many children. Let’s show them the respect they want, whilst remaining playful and age-appropriate.

If we over plan a yoga sequence, then we are restricting what we offer. We have no way of knowing what the children need, before we see them. We’ll teach you how you can be prepared to teach the children what will most benefit them.

You can be a calm, confident and compassionate children’s yoga teacher!

The Class Yoga CYTT is designed and taught by Helen Clare, and is a comprehensive, 60 hour Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited, specialist training course - now taught as a 5 week online course.

It’s a culmination of Helen’s 11 plus years of experience in teaching yoga to young people and adults, and provides you with the knowledge, skills, practice and confidence to teach appropriate, effective, safe, fun and engaging yoga and mindfulness to children ages 4 to 12.

By the end our kid's yoga teacher training course you will:

  • Feel more than confident to teach a group children's yoga class
  • Know how to plan, effectively structure and intuitively modify a class, appropriate to the kids
  • Have a wealth of knowledge and a vast toolkit to draw upon, setting you up for being an excellent kids yoga teacher

Kid's Yoga Teacher Training Course Prerequisites

We just require that you have at least one year’s personal yoga experience before taking this training course. We must first work on ourselves, before we can hope to help others!

Clare Savage, School Business Manager, Cornwall Clare Savage
Clare, School Business Manager, Cornwall

I have so enjoyed this course – I have found it so inspiring for my personal and home life but also feel passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness into our community. Thank you Helen for your passion and thoroughness.

Children's Yoga Teacher Training Online Curriculum

  • Anatomy: learn the essential developments of children and how this impacts what we teach safely
  • Asana: study age appropriate poses and modifications so we can teach intentionally
  • Mindfulness: what it really is, why we need to live mindfully and how we can share it
  • Brain development: why this is important and how yoga/ mindfulness promotes a healthy brain (so important, all teachers/ parents should learn this!)
  • Relaxation: learn to lead guided relaxation that makes a real difference
  • Pranayama: the benefits, what to teach and what not to
  • Philosophy: we go over the essence of yogic philosophy and how to subtly convey it to kids to instil kindness, compassion and self-worth
  • Sound: why sound is important and a variety of ways to use it
  • The Class Yoga Method: get so confident to teach you can’t wait to start!
  • Behaviour management: we’ll prepare you with effective strategies for a range of scenarios
  • Class organisation: how exactly to go about teaching in and out of schools
  • Marketing: how to share what you do to impact more young lives!

Our graduate teaching tribe is doing amazing things!

Hilly Kemp, Yoga Teacher Hilly Kemp
Hilly Kemp, Yoga Teacher

Since attending the Class Yoga Kids Teacher Training I have successfully taught 17 3-4yr old children on a weekly basis in a Pre-school setting. This has been highly rewarding and, I feel, has got my kids yoga teaching off to a flying start! I am now excited to start teaching an online Saturday morning Yoga Club for primary aged children!

Abi Wood - School Teacher & Yoga Teacher Abi Wood
Abi Wood, School Teacher & Yoga Teacher

The Class Yoga training was packed with information and techniques, which gave me loads of confidence and clear guidance on how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. I set up Yogart Sessions last year, providing yoga and art workshops that offer an experience to practise yoga and meditation through the arts. Since completing the course, Yogart Sessions has been working in various schools around Cornwall, teaching children techniques that help them relax, focus and build confidence in preparation for exams. I also run yoga after school clubs and PE sessions for children from reception to Year 6. It has been incredible to see the impact these sessions have on children’s ability to follow instruction, calm themselves down and get in touch with and express how they feel! It has been a truly humbling experience

Amanda Simons, Primary School Teacher Amanda Simons
Amanda Simons, Primary School Teacher

After finishing the Class Yoga Kids Training course, I was keen to get started in school straight away, so letters went home to explain the benefits! It was a hit from the start, and being a boy heavy Year 5 group, it was great to see their involvement in everything we did. We had a session a week, which really helped develop my confidence and practise keeping the flow of the lessons going. My super parallel class teacher was fully on board and I taught her class a couple of sessions too. Some children began asking when the next session was! It was also nice to see girls, who were slightly reluctant to join in team sports lessons, really enjoying it and taking part.Thank you to Helen and Class Yoga for starting me on this new journey.

Teacher Arran Langdon from Camelford School, Cornwall Arran Langdon
Arran Langdon, Primary School Teacher

After an amazing experience on the Class Yoga Training, I started teaching yoga to my class at least twice a week, alongside using the Class Yoga videos. I’ve also been teaching other classes in school and got the rest of staff on board with doing your daily yoga videos. It’s had a transformative effect on the school as a whole and has clearly boosted the confidence, concentration and self-esteem of many individuals. Our school, Camelford have now won the Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing Time 2 Move Ambition 2018, and are shortlisted for CAPH Time 2 Move Primary School of the Year Award, and the introduction of yoga across the school absolutely contributed to that.

When you enrol today you also get this bonus training!

How to run a profitable kids yoga business:

Business and marketing mastery masterclass. A brand new mini-training by Helen. No idea about tech, business and marketing? From websites, social media, email lists, HMRC and teaching online, this really will help you set up everything you need to get your kids yoga business off to a great start!

How to run a profitable kids yoga business online training

Meet your teacher trainer, Helen Clare

Hi, I’m Helen! I’ve been practising yoga since I was 15 and teaching yoga to people aged 2 to 72, for over 11 years now! In the same year that I completed my first yoga Teacher Training course, I also started my Primary PGCE. So, naturally, as soon as I was in the classroom I started sharing yoga with my kids!

Over the first two years of my full time teaching career I was able to see what worked and what didn’t, in terms of offering the most benefit to the children. I then began teaching yoga all over my home county of Cornwall, sharing my method (and the method I can teach you!). I founded Class Yoga in 2016 to train more teachers and reach more children across the UK, and now online globally!

If this course is right for you, I can’t wait to welcome you in… You'll learn the proven teaching technique that I’ve developed over my career, an abundance of practical skills and the knowledge and theory behind what we do, to build upon a passion and motivation that will drive you to share the benefits of yoga with kids and young people!

Is this program right for you?

Our Children's Yoga Teacher Training is a good fit for you if...

  • You have been personally practising yoga, at least once a week, for at least a year
  • You are a yoga teacher/ school teacher/ teaching assistant/ parent / carer / other professional working with children
  • You have the desire to share these benefits and more with children!
  • You're motivated, ready and open to learning new things
  • You're committed to dedicating enough time to successfully complete the course on the set dates and times (up to 4 hours self-study and 4 hours live training, per week)
  • You're up for reading the two pre-course books

The Class Yoga Teacher Training isn’t a good fit for you if..

  • You have never practised yoga/ only practised yoga very sporadically
  • You have been doing yoga for less than 12 months (by course start date)
  • You cannot commit to the weekend live training sessions for 3 hours each week
  • You cannot commit to up to 4 hours per week, to complete each module thoroughly
  • You already know everything and are not open to learning more
  • You don’t really like children!
The Investment
Enrol: £ (GBP)

Online Teacher Training, Oct 2021

  • Investment: £747
  • Change young lives & your own!
  • Monthly Payment Plans Available
  • Enrol Now!
Enrol: $ (USD)

Online Teacher Training, Oct 2021

  • Investment: $996
  • Change young lives & your own!
  • Monthly Payment Plans Available
  • Enrol Now!

Before you enrol, make sure you can commit to up to 4 hours study each week, plus 4 live training (1 hour Wednesday, 3 hours Saturday), starting 23rd October. Check the dates of the course here.

There are no refunds but you may transfer your place to a future course. For our full terms & conditions please go here.

You’re in great hands with us... Testimonials from our 5 day in-person training.
Alison McClemont

Advisorary & Secondary School Teacher Alison graduated from our kid's yoga teacher training course in 2019 - here she speaks about her experience ↑

Morgan Pulchinski

Morgan is a 2019 Class Yoga Children's Yoga Teacher Training Graduate and Primary School Teacher. Hear her thoughts on the course & it's application for school teachers above ↑

Jenny Winstanley

School teacher Jenny graduate from our Children's Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Hear what Jenny thought of the course in the video above ↑

Grizzie Elliot

Primary School Teacher Grizzie trained with us in 2019 - hear her thoughts on our Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course above ↑

Hilly Hannken

Yoga teacher Hilly completed our kid's yoga teacher training in 2019 - here's her thoughts on her experience ↑

Nicki Schaefer

Nicki is a 2019 Class Yoga Children's Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Graduate, hear about her experience above ↑

Harriet Montague

Harriet graduated from our Class Yoga Children's Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2019. Hear what she has to say about her training experience in the video above ↑

Laila Khurana

Laila completed Class Yoga's Children's Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. Hear about her experience above ↑


What people are asking about our Kid's Yoga Teacher Training

  • Do I need to have a yoga teaching qualification? No, this course is not only for yoga teachers, as long as you practice yoga yourself.
  • Do I need to have experience working with children? No, just the desire to share the benefits with them.
  • How long do I have access to the online materials? The PDF downloads, such as the manuals are yours to keep. The video lectures will be available to you for a total of 6 months, allowing you to revisit & refresh parts of the course after graduation as you start your children's yoga teaching career.
  • What age will I be qualified to teach? Children aged 4 to 12.
  • Is it possible to fail? Yes… but we haven’t failed anyone yet! Please download and read the terms and conditions below.

Children's Yoga Teacher Training Online Information Pack

Download the full course info pack

We're here to help

Contact us if you have any unanswered questions regarding the course.

Children's Yoga Teacher Training Online Terms & Conditions

Please view the full terms & conditions of the Class Yoga Children's Yoga Teacher Training here.

Yoga teacher Katie McLaughlan Katie McLaughlan
Katie, Yoga Teacher, Devon

I have found the course informative, inspiring and enjoyable. The pace of the class has been great, allowing us to absorb and learn at a steady pace. The manual and course content has been relative to what we need to take on this journey with us going forward, to promote yoga and wellbeing. Overall, a fantastic, inspiring experience with Helen Clare and Class Yoga!

Lucy, Yoga Teacher and Primary Supply Teacher, Bristol Lucy Payne
Lucy, Yoga Teacher and Primary Supply Teacher, Bristol

Your course really helped me to feel much, much better about my teaching. I now feel empowered, inspired and am enjoying teaching my yoga classes both to children and adults. I do have to stop myself from miaowing in my adult classes! A huge thank you, I am so glad I attended your course.

Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Trainer