Helen Clare leading the teach yoga and mindfulness to children course

Can You Teach Yoga to Children? Why you should!

The impact of having a fully trained children’s and adults yoga teacher and school teacher, like myself, come into school once a week is amazing – there is so much that children learn and assimilate into daily life, from doing only one yoga class per week. So, just imagine the results of you being able to impart yoga and mindfulness to children everyday.

Are we teaching happiness? – the call to Positive Education

What do you want to be when you grow up?
John, I think you miss understood the assignment.
Miss, I think you’ve miss understood life.

If only all children thought as instinctively as John Lennon did… but current societal expectations of what ‘success’ is, particularly in our learning environments can have a huge, often negative, impact on our happiness.

Yoga for kids in the classroom and at home!