Helen teaching a yoga class at Camelford school

Class Yoga School Research Project

Have you heard about the exciting new research that Class Yoga is undertaking?! We’re aiming to study 500 children this year, to look at the impact yoga has on their attainment levels at school.

Now, our hypothesis is that, there is a strong link between children who practise yoga and mindfulness, with higher levels of focus and concentration – leading to higher achievement, as well as higher levels of contentment, physical fitness and mental health.

Helen Clare leading the teach yoga and mindfulness to children course

Can You Teach Yoga to Children? Why you should!

The impact of having a fully trained children’s and adults yoga teacher and school teacher, like myself, come into school once a week is amazing – there is so much that children learn and assimilate into daily life, from doing only one yoga class per week. So, just imagine the results of you being able to impart yoga and mindfulness to children everyday.

Helen Clare practising yoga breathing techniques during a children's yoga class

How to breathe… to feel calm, alert and confident – Exercises for you and your children

Obviously, we breathe all the time, automatically to stay alive! But, how many of you consciously choose to think about how you are breathing, throughout your day? I mean, why would you, if it’s controlled by our autonomic nervous system? Because… you might not be breathing as well as you could be. And, only by becoming more aware of how we breathe, can we do anything to improve it. This is something that I teach early on to my students, both adults and children.

Helen Clare in a calm relaxed state.

Teachers, how to become more mindful at school

3 Easy steps to becoming more mindful, to positively impact your pupils

A mindful teacher has a much greater impact on pupils, than a teacher who merely tries to teach mindfulness.

Dr Dan Siegal

I quote the above a lot, but I just think it is so, so important right now! Mindfulness in education is, thankfully, being discussed more and more, as massively beneficial for pupils. But, it appears to me, that the benefit for teachers is being hugely overlooked, as is the necessary training for teachers to deliver effective mindfulness teaching in school.

Yoga for kids in the classroom and at home!