About Class Yoga Kids & yoga for your children

Hi, I'm Helen!

I created Class Yoga with the vision to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of children globally, no matter their background, by enabling teachers, parents and carers to offer excellent quality yoga and mindfulness for them, at school and at home. I want every child to have the opportunity to experience yoga and mindfulness - to be the happiest and healthiest they can, and for you to be confident in providing it.

Real yoga for children

A little about me...

I’m a Primary School Teacher and a Yoga Teacher and I’ve been teaching yoga in schools for 10 years now. I now spend much of my time training others, particularly school teachers, to provide yoga and mindfulness for their pupils - as they are the ones who spend the most time with the children!

Witnessing the transformational effect of yoga and mindfulness in children's lives is one of the most rewarding and inspiring experiences of my life. I want all children to have the opportunity to practice and benefit from the moving form of mindfulness we call yoga, and you to experience the same satisfaction and joy I feel when sharing the gift of yoga with kids.

Your children & Class Yoga

As more parents, carers and teachers just like you, experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga for themselves, and the life changing impact being mindful can have on our younger generation is more fully understood, there exists a shared desire to provide high quality yoga and mindfulness to all children in our communities - but how?

This was my motivation to found Class Yoga - to create an accessible, sustainable way for you to provide amazing yoga and mindfulness to your children / pupils. We want to give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to impact every child in your community with the positive effect of yoga and mindfulness!

Helen is your online Class Yoga Kids yoga teacher! The pupils of Newquay Junior school enjoying a Class Yoga Kids online lesson

How we teach yoga to children & give you the tools you need!

How do I provide daily yoga and mindfulness to my children?

Wellbeing for Schools

Via our Well Ed ™ Wellbeing Programme for Schools we have a 3 tier approach to enabling you to elevate the physical, emotional & mental wellbeing of pupils and teachers in your school: Live It, Learn It & Teach It.

How it works

Part one is Live It. Use our collection of online yoga & mindfulness classes for pupils and staff as part of your school routine to raise physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. All the classes are designed and lead by me, Helen Clare - I become your virtual children’s yoga teacher, my experience and expertise available to you and your children on a daily basis, on demand!

In addtion there are yoga & mindfulness classes designed specifically for teachers, to help you and your staff build a personal mindfulness practise before starting the next phase: Learn It! Our Teach Yoga & Mindfulness to Children CPD for Teachers, taught via our digtal learning platform.

Once completed graduates enter the Teach It phase with ongoing support from Class Yoga in the form of teaching plans & resourses. More information on our Well Ed ™ Wellbeing Programme for Schools can be found here.

Seated Kids' Yoga Class

Watch a 1 minute sample

Standing Kids' Yoga Class

Watch a 1 minute sample

Guided Relaxation Kids' Yoga

Watch a 1 minute sample

Real Yoga for Childen

All our yoga and mindfulness classes are designed to be real, authentic yoga classes for children. Yoga is not just a physical practise but can be thought of as mindful movement, allowing children & adults, through yoga movement combined with a single point of focus on the breathe to access a mindful state. Yoga often makes accessing this state more accessible for many children & adults than for example seated meditation might on it's own.

Yoga is Transformational

Our online classes have had transformational effects for our Class Yoga kids and teachers, giving children space in the day to breathe, relax and connect with their body and breath whilst building physical strength and coordination. Amazing for the individual, Class Yoga can also help transform cultures in schools too.

You can hear some more of our Class Yoga Kids Community experiences here.

The children at the end of a session with Class Yoga - they are buzzing but they are buzzing in a positive calm way which is perfect for learningBarbara Robinson Assistant Head, Newquay Junior Academy

Class Yoga Kids Teacher Trainings Ready to lead your children in a yoga class?

Teaching Children's Yoga

Class Yoga’s online classes are not meant to replace high quality real children’s yoga teachers, but ideally to be used as part of a mindfulness toolkit in schools and the home. Teaching yoga to children is very different to teaching yoga to adults, and equally if not more rewarding!

I have spent years developing the correct techniques to teach yoga to kids and I want to share this knowledge with you!

Training Teachers

Class Yoga is committed to train more of you to be children’s yoga teachers, and our teacher trainings represent our second but equally important method of helping you to reach more children with high quality yoga.

If you are passionate about teaching yoga to children we would love to hear from you and for you to join us on one of our childrens yoga teacher trainings. Please take a look at our training page for more information on the Class Yoga Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children Training courses.

This has been a very enlightening experience. It has filled me with the confidence to go out and teach children after just 5 days learning!! I came on the course aspiring to use yoga to help improve children’s lives and I really feel this has been achieved. It has also helped me on a personal level. An inner glow has been lit again and I feel able to spread that glow. Thank you so much Helen. This has been AMAZING.Gem, Home educator, Cornwall
Class Yoga teach yoga to children training course Helen in the Class Yoga Kids studio

About Helen Clare

My Yoga Journey

My name is Helen Clare, founder of Class Yoga. I have been practising yoga since my early twenties, and I have been teaching yoga to both adults and children for the last 10 years. Although I started attending yoga classes in my early twenties, in some ways I have actually been practising yoga and mindfulness since my teenage years. I suffered feeling anxious, worried and stressed through my school years - and I know I am not alone in this!

How yoga helped me

As way to calm myself on the journey to school I learned that if I slowed and concentrated on my breath, connecting to that moment, that my worries and fears would fade, allowing me to be more confident, concentrated and not only get through my day, but achieve what I set out to do.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was practising yoga and mindfulness!

Helen leading a children's yoga class in Camelford Primary School Helen during the filming of our online kid's yoga classes

Bringing yoga into school

In my mid twenties, already a yoga teacher, I trained as a primary school teacher, and it was natural to start sharing yoga with my pupils and the rest of my school. Even I was amazed at the positive impact the yoga had on the children, with impressive increases in concentration and levels of wellbeing.

When I left school teaching to commit fully to being a yoga teacher I further developed my methodology for teaching yoga to children, and have now personally taught thousands of children in many schools across the South West of the UK.

Class Yoga

It was at this point that I was getting more requests to teach yoga and mindfulness in schools that I could manage. Often schools were contacting me at some distance from my home base in Cornwall, making reaching the school impractical and too costly for the school.

That was when the concept and obvious need for Class Yoga was born! I wanted to share my expertise in a beneficial and sustainable way...

Energising Kids' Yoga Class

Watch a 1 minute sample

Focussing Kids' Yoga Class

Watch a 1 minute sample

Relaxing Kids' Yoga Class

Watch a 1 minute sample

Online Children's Yoga

Knowing that the most benefit comes from a regular yoga practice, I set about designing and developing carefully crafted online yoga classes for children of primary / elementary school age, that would be affordable for teachers and parents, whilst providing an excellent resource for our kids to practise yoga anytime.

Our yoga community

Class Yoga is now 2 years old and is helping thousands of children access daily yoga and mindfulness via our online classes, and our Class Yoga Teacher Graduates. I am so happy you have found your way here and I look forward to hearing your kids’ yoga experiences!

Learn the 3 Key Elements to Teaching Engaging Yoga to Children

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