Helen Clare

Helen is a former primary school teacher and dedicated yoga practitioner teacher, who has developed Class Yoga to provide yoga to our children in schools and at home.

Helen has been practising yoga since her early twenties and trained as a yoga teacher in 2009 with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School of Yoga. Since then, Helen has completed Advanced Teacher Training modules with Tiffany Cruikshank at Yoga Medicine, and has trained as a Teen Yoga teacher and course leader with Charlotta Martinus, as well as studying the teaching of yoga and mindfulness to children, with Jo Manual at the Special Yoga Centre in London.

Yoga for Children

Later in 2009, Helen began a Primary School PGCE and in 2010 started teaching a UK Year 4 class full time. It was during this period that Helen was able to start sharing yoga with her class pupils and the rest of the school. She developed a method of teaching yoga to children that worked and they responded to. The results were impressive and the enjoyment visible!

Helen left full time school teaching and made it her mission to share yoga with as many young people as possible. Helen has been teaching yoga in schools for the last 5 years and has seen first hand the benefits – physical and mental, that yoga has brought to our children. Living and working in Cornwall, the South West tip of the UK, Helen started to receive more and more requests for her teaching expertise in schools all over the country. Time and distance however created problems, as did limited funding to allow a regular yoga class to be held in schools, even in her local area.

Class Yoga

Knowing that the most benefit comes from a regular yoga practice, Helen set about designing and developing carefully crafted online yoga classes for children of primary/ elementary school age, that would be affordable for schools and parents, whilst providing an excellent resource for our kids to practise yoga anytime. Class Yoga was born!

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