The Yoga Classes

The children at the end of a session with Class Yoga - they are buzzing but they are buzzing in a positive calm way which is perfect for learning - Barbara Robinson Assistant Head, Newquay Junior Academy

Class Yoga provides expertly designed and delivered children's yoga classes for the school and home. All our classes are online, allowing you to provide engaging yoga to your children at a sustainable price. For schools each teacher will have their own log in to access the yoga classes, giving them the tools to deliver the physical and mental benefits of yoga to every pupil in the school!

An introduction to Class Yoga

Let Helen guide you through the Class Yoga concept, how regular yoga has a huge benefit for our kids, and how to subscribe to access our classes and resources.

The Yoga Classes

There are 2 lengths of classes: 10 minute classes that are designed to be used at any point in the day and 20 minute classes that are part of a series and suitable to be used within a Physical Education lesson.

The shorter individual classes are split into different categories: Energising, Relaxing and Focussing classes – each have specific learning outcomes that allow the teacher to choose a class appropriate for the moment. For example, a 10 minute energising class to get the children ready for learning in the afternoon, or a focusing class after a period of lighthearted play that might have left the class slightly dizzy with excitement!

The longer classes are designed to be used as a series – 1 to 6 – with each class building on the previous, as the children’s and teacher’s experience grow. Use these as a sequence but feel free to repeat classes more than once!

Series 1

In this series of 6 classes we will progress through the basics of sitting, breathing, the sun sequence, some standing poses and balances, some seated postures and relaxation. We will focus on good posture when sitting and standing, how to relax and why, better breathing, balancing and focus. You might like to try each class several times before moving on.

Series 2 coming soon and Series 3 are coming soon!

Energising Classes

10 minute energising classes that will get your class and children awake, energised and ready to learn! These classes are great for your kids to stretch, breathe and get revitalised for their next part of the day!

Focussing Classes

Help you children focus with these quick 10 minute classes that run through various breathing and balancing poses. These are great classes to use to get your students and kids ready for an effective session of study or simply help them regain focus and concentration.

Relaxing Classes

After a stimulating or tiring day it is great to give yourself time to completely relax. Yoga promotes strength and flexibility but also helps us stay calm and happy. These 10 minute classes will give your kids great relaxation techniques promoting a calm, healthy and happy mind.

I have loved doing the yoga and so have the teachers and lots of the children have been talking about it. Thank you and well done on such a unique idea which works.Nicki Guest, PE Coordinator, Gorran School

Your Teacher

Your children’s yoga teacher is Helen Clare, a dedicated and passionate advocate of children’s yoga and founder of Class Yoga. You can find out more about Helen here

The yoga is going incredibly well so far with all of the schools. From my experience with my class and from feedback with the other teachers, it has really transformed some children’s experience in the classroom. I have found children that struggle emotionally, or with additional needs like ASD or ADHD, have been able to fully engage with the yoga sessions, and then are ready for learning. Their speed, accuracy and commitment to their learning has really improved. So thank you!!
It has also meant that we are able to address emotional and mental health and wellbeing, in a way that engages the children and that they can understand. It lends itself beautifully to developing resilience and lifelong habits that I am sure will encourage a love of self, realistic expectations of oneself and practical skills to manage in the wider world.
Ellie Watkins, Lead Teacher, Keskowethyans Multi Academy Trust.

Class Yoga in action

Small students with a clear view of the yoga teacher enjoying a 20 minute class!

Down Dog

Confident Kids

Children become confident with the core poses of yoga – which are also covered in our teaching resources.


Calm Kids

Learning to breathe is as important as the physical postures and helps self regulate emotions – a great life skill.

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