Hello, I'm Helen

School teacher, children's yoga teacher, entrepreneur & founder of Class Yoga!

Let me tell you more about Class Yoga - and what I hope you can gain by being here...

Helen Clare - founder of Class Yoga

Class Yoga Founder

Helen Clare

After a four year degree studying French, German and Spanish - I decided the obvious thing to do next was teach English in Japan! Random - but I’m so thankful I made this decision: because it was my introduction to teaching and set me on the path as an educator. Japan was where I rekindled my yoga practice, after some early attempts as a teen. 3 years later, having deepened my yoga studies further in New Zealand, I trained as a yoga teacher in Scotland. I then moved to – and, finally, settled! – in Cornwall, when alongside teaching adult yoga classes, I decided I wanted to be a Primary School Teacher. I wanted to share with kids so much about life and the world! So began my journey to introducing yoga to children.

Teaching was, admittedly, harder than expected. I loved some elements but hated others. I’d always prioritised my own health and wellbeing - but I found myself becoming stressed like I’d never experienced before. I know now that if I’d have continued to prioritise my own wellbeing, not only would teaching have been easier - but the children would have also benefited so much more.

This is one of the key reasons Class Yoga is here...

Reason 1 for being:

to raise the wellbeing of educators, so that the pupils benefit in turn – and simultaneously, vice-versa!

I believe we need to look after our own wellbeing to raise the wellbeing of our children

I started to share yoga when I could. I got to see what worked and what didn’t; and I got a glimpse of some promising results. But when I left full-time teaching and started supply (and sharing more yoga) I started getting called back – to teach yoga! Because now the clear evidence: of greater calm and focus in children in the classroom after yoga, was shining out!

This was when I realised my true calling was to teach yoga to more children, in more schools. Over this time, I developed and refined my method of teaching mindful movement to children, that I still teach and train others in, today.

You can transform your classroom & young lives through authentic & beneficial mindful movement

The Company

Raising children's Wellbeing

In 2015 I co-founded Class Yoga, with my partner (the video and tech genius on the team), to reach more teachers, schools, parents and children worldwide, with the wondrous wellbeing benefits of yoga/ mindful movement. We created the first Class Yoga Schools video platform, which developed into Well Ed® (school teachers, get your free trial here!).

Pupils following a Well Ed yoga video in school

Reason 2 for being:

This is our main reason for being - to help enhance the health and happiness of children of all backgrounds, through our mindful movement resources.

Training Others in Yoga & Mindfulness

In 2017 I wrote the curriculum for, and taught the first, Class Yoga Teacher Training course. That course has evolved from a 5 day in-person, into the 6 week online training it is today, now with over 120 graduates around the world (let me tell you more, here!).

Getting the mindfulness tools you need

Our third raison d'être is to empower and upskill others, like yourself, to teach these wellbeing enhancing tools-for-life to your own pupils/ children - and benefit with a new/ expanded/ more desirable career!

Reason 3 for being:

to empower and upskill others, like yourself, to teach these wellbeing enhancing tools-for-life to your own pupils/ children – to make a positive impact in their life and your own, with a new or expanded career!

Start with our Free Masterclass!

Free Masterclass: The 9 essential dos and don'ts of teaching yoga to kids
Pupils enjoying yoga in the classroom
Teacher and pupil

Which brings me to you!

You can change young lives, and your own, starting today!

My hope for you, is that you are inspired by the content we create at Class Yoga, and that you share it with your children, friends and colleagues.

Content like:

Happy pupils in a yoga class

...That you see the increase in calm, focus and contentment in your children - and are inspired to see more of those wondrous-wellbeing-benefits in the classroom (or at home), with Well Ed® - our wellbeing programme for the classroom for you and your pupils!

...That you experience greater calm and ease in your own life, as well as a visible impact on your children’s - academically, physically and emotionally. And I would be honoured to guide you in your own journey to sharing these tools, too:

Yoga is for every child, and every adult. Each person benefits in different ways - often unknown to the teacher. This is why it must be expertly provided to all - we never know what seeds we are planting, and in how many ways we are helping.

Class Yoga founder and teacher trainer Helen Clare

Helen Clare

BA Hons, PGCE Dist., Senior Yoga Teacher, mBit Certified Coach (multiple brain integration techniques)

Gill Simpson, Children’s Yoga Teacher

Helen is extremely knowledgeable and her calm and real age appropriate yoga sessions are inspirational. She has renewed my enthusiasm for teaching yoga to children, whilst providing me with the tools to do it professionally.

Megan Mitchell, Primary School Teacher

Helen, you are so knowledgeable and passionate about teaching children's yoga which made this course very enjoyable. Thank you so much for an excellent course and I can't wait to start teaching yoga in school!