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Have you heard about the exciting new research that Class Yoga is undertaking?! We’re aiming to study 500 children this year, to look at the impact yoga has on their attainment levels at school.

Now, our hypothesis is that, there is a strong link between children who practise yoga and mindfulness, with higher levels of focus and concentration – leading to higher achievement, as well as higher levels of contentment, physical fitness and mental health.

This theory comes from having already taught yoga to thousands of children over the last 8 years – seeing the direct result in their attitudes and behaviour, listening to their comments and hearing feedback from teachers and parents.

I know that yoga improves the lives of children, young people and adults profoundly on many different levels, including enhancing the ability to focus on a task, building confidence and self-worth, providing tools to self-regulate emotions and behaviour and increasing mind-body awareness and self love.

But, in order for more schools to seriously consider implementing yoga as part of the school day, there needs to be evidence on paper that provides them with the essential facts and figures that show, not only how yoga improves mental and physical health, but that it will raise the attainment levels that schools require.

Teachers want the best for their pupils. They want to see them thrive and be happy. They want them to feel confident and content in their own bodies and minds. But, teachers and schools are under pressure to deliver results – to show that their teaching leads to excellent scores. This is a sad fact, that most schools I know wish wasn’t so.

And yet, the exciting thing is – by implementing yoga and mindfulness, not only can schools likely achieve higher outcomes and improve the official standard of the school, it is also extremely likely to deliver to children all those other benefits as well! It’s the perfect win win!!

Some of the incredible things that children have said to us, so far:

It makes me feel relaxed.

It calms me down.

I think it’s fascinating for my body.

You can focus your mind only one thing – you don’t get to do that much.

I makes me think better in my learning.

These comments were all from Year 3s after only 2 weeks of yoga!

Take part in our research

Requirements: We are currently studying Key Stage 2 classes, that contain a number of boys receiving Pupil Premium, who have had no exposure to yoga to date. We have different strands within the project, as to how the research is conducted, dependent upon your location in the world. If you’re a teacher/ principal and would like to take part in this research, please write to Helen at

Train to teach yoga and mindfulness to children

You may be eligible to take our training course to start teaching yoga to children yourself! Open to teachers, parents/ carers and other professionals working with kids, this course is the perfect balance of theory and practical to get you started, with confidence and passion.

Part 1: 12-13 April, Eden Project, Cornwall
Part 2 (optional): 30, 31 May – 1 June, St Agnes, Cornwall

Apply now!

Sign up to a free trial of our online children’s yoga classes

Share yoga with your children instantly, with our online classes! These classes have been developed with love, insight and knowledge, to be fun and engaging, yet be the most beneficial they can. Designed for use in school and at home, you can get a 2 week Class Yoga free trial by registering here.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave me a comment on the blogpost. If you also believe in raising the wellness of children, please share this with someone else who can help join us in making a difference.

Much love,

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  • Dougie


    That would be great Khalile!


  • Khalile Siddiqui


    I’d love for you to trial at Goonhavern school! I’ll send a link to the head with a recommendation 😃


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