Can You Teach Yoga to Children? Why you should!

The impact of having a fully trained children’s and adults yoga teacher and school teacher, like myself, come into school once a week is amazing – there is so much that children learn and assimilate into daily life, from doing only one yoga class per week. So, just imagine the results of you being able to impart yoga and mindfulness to children everyday.

The fact of the matter is, children spend the majority of the time around their class teachers and parents, so these are the adults that they subconsciously copy and model the most. (Read my blogposts on why adults need to be mindful before their children can be mindful.) This is why you, as teachers and parents, should train to teach yoga and mindfulness to your children and pupils!

Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children

Introducing our Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children Training, new 2 day and 5 day course options, for primary teachers, youth workers, yoga teachers, parents/ carers and yoga practitioners of other professions.

This week, we announced our 2018 Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children Training course dates! And this year, we have an innovative change – instead of only one 5 day full course option, you now have the option to only attend Part One, 2 days, or go on to complete a further 3 days on Part 2 to receive full certification and accreditation from Yoga Alliance Professionals.

What you learn over the whole course:

  • Brain development of a child aged 4-12 and how this will influence the way you teach and communicate with them
  • Anatomical development of children aged 4-12 and how this understanding will affect the yoga you teach them
  • Psychology and its impact
  • Appropriate yoga asana and pranayama
  • Mindfulness meditation and relaxation
  • Games, music and chanting
  • Behaviour management

The first part of the course is open to all yoga practitioners, who work with children, and must be completed if wanting to take Part 2. We decided to split the course, primarily to enable more primary school teachers and parents/ carers to become trained in basic yoga and mindfulness for children, so that more of you can be sharing these life-long tools with as many children as possible. So, Part 1 is ideal if you want to gain an introduction to teaching yoga, to share in your own home or classroom. To get the full learning experience and to be able to run your own private classes, you’ll need to do Part 2 also. See all Class Yoga teach yoga and mindfulness to children course details and prerequisites here.

Imagine all the benefits that your children and pupils would gain from you sharing yoga and mindfulness tools and techniques with them throughout the day: picture them calmer, more focused, more attentive, with greater awareness of their feelings and emotions and the ability to self-regulate and balance these emotions, to feel happier in their own bodies and minds.

Apply now for your place on this training held at The Eden Project, Cornwall.

Individuals save £50 when booking both Parts. Schools save £50 per person on Part 1, when sending more than one staff member.

Our Online Children’s Yoga Classes

Class Yoga’s online classes are a wonderful resource to use in school or the home. Even if you are considering doing the training course you will learn so much by using these classes with your children, as you will be observing me teach!

It is also a fantastic way to introduce yoga and mindfulness now, throughout your school, to build interest and see results in behaviour and attainment, and to hopefully inspire other teachers and adults to explore sharing yoga and mindfulness with their children.

You can try the classes right now by either signing up for our newsletter, (you get one free class instantly), or taking out a no obligation free trial of Class Yoga for your school.

Please feel free to contact us via social media or our contact page if you have any questions about the training course, the classes and yoga and mindfulness for children.

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    Dear team
    I’m really keen to focus on yoga with children and teenagers. I’m an occupational therapist but wanting to expand my skills, the children and mindfulness course you are running this year in cornwall will you be running the same course next year? Thank s


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